This Mini Teleprompter Is So Helpful For Livestreams and Virtual Events

Now that most of our lives have transitioned into the online world, there were a lot of new skills and new equipment that we had to understand. For example, events have gone virtual, vlogging has become bigger than ever, and live streaming has become the new norm.

If you’re someone who has to do at least one of the three things mentioned above, we found a cool gadget that can help make these things easier.

teleprompter 1

Photo from Lazada

This mini teleprompter will make your virtual life a whole lot easier.

Of course, we’re most familiar with the huge teleprompters that are usually used for TV shows. It’s a massive bulky piece of equipment that’s a lot helpful in the studios, but so unnecessary in the home. That’s why this mini version is extra cool!

It actually works quite simply. It features a special mirror which works as your screen, and in a special tray, you put your script (better if it’s in your phone). So, you’re just basically reading off a reflection of your phone.

teleprompter 2

Photo from Lazada

Like I said, simple yet useful. It also features a stand where you can attach your camera—it’s perfectly placed to make you look like you’re staring right at the camera even when you’re actually reading your script.

You can also add your light source to it, making this gadget your all-in-one live streaming/vlogging equipment.

A small Bluetooth remote is also included for you to be able to scroll through your script easily.

This mini teleprompter will definitely make your vlogs, recorded lectures, and virtual events look and feel extra professional.

Buy this mini teleprompter here!

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