This Man Got So Drunk On Vacation He Ended Up Sleeping In A Pool Overnight

A series of Tweets about one man’s drunk journey has recently gone viral. 

It’s a situation we’re all probably familiar with: the cousins get together to drink (or have an inuman) during the family vacation. One or two of them are likely to have taken just a bit too much alcohol. And right when everyone just wants to go to sleep — you realize there’s not enough space in the room. 

drunk man sleeps in pool

Instead of opting to squeeze in a probably too-small bed, Seth Gabriel Ricafort decided that the resort’s pool would be a much more comfortable alternative. His cousin, Iris Vicencio, tweeted the events and explained:

We’re on a family outing and there was no more space on the bed so my drunk cousin put on his trunks and said, “I’ll just go sleep in the pool.” I thought it was a joke but he was serious!

She only believed him once her sister confirmed after 20 minutes that their cousin was still floating (seemingly asleep) in the pool. He had inflatables wrapped around his body to keep him afloat.

Seth himself followed up the tweets to assure everyone he woke up perfectly fine at 7 am the next morning. He shared that he fell asleep around 11:45 pm, woke up at around 3 am because of a volleyball game happening in the pool, but went back to sleep soon after. 

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Despite how funny this is, Iris makes it clear she does not promote these same actions to anyone else. She warned in a follow-up tweet: “It should go without saying that no one should do this too. We didn’t stop my cousin because he’s a really smart guy and always knows what he’s doing, plus he had his friends around him the whole time awake from 1AM – 5AM, he’s safe and alive.” 

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