This Home Service Pet Grooming is a Must-Try!

More and more people are going out and if you are a fur parent, you may have a hard time looking for grooming services. Most grooming salons are always full especially during the weekends! Luckily, we found Wizard of Paws who can drive to your home and provide grooming services for your pets.


Wizard of Paws was started in October 2013 by Vincent Ross Halili and when asked about her inspiration for the business. She shares that she started with research about pet ownership in the Philippines.


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“I did research regarding the population of pet owners in the Philippines back in 2012, and based on my own findings, our country has one of the highest numbers of pet parents in the world. This number has been growing rapidly each year. Another factor that helped me decide to consider putting up this kind of business was the traffic situation here in Metro Manila. Most of the working class are always stuck in traffic and sometimes this causes them to neglect to do certain chores such as bringing their pets to the grooming salon. A relative told me that mobile pet grooming salons were already a thing in other countries so why not put up something similar here in Metro Manila. Now, instead of the monster traffic that pet parents will have to endure to and from the groomer, they finally have an option to make all of that hassle-free since we are bringing the grooming salon at their doorstep”, she shared.


Wizard of Paws has an iconic yellow truck that has everything needed for your pet’s grooming. They have their own water supply and all they have to do is park in front of your home and plug in for power.


Once you hand over your pet to their well-trained and experienced staff, you can take a peek at your pet getting pampered in the window.


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“Our service starts with a full grooming package that includes everything that our pets need such as bath and blowdrying, hairstyling, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and toothbrushing. We also offer additional services such as anal sac draining, detangling, medicated baths, and ticks & fleas treatment”, shared Vincent.


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What we loved about the home service pet grooming is that we don’t have to leave the comforts of our own home. With gas prices at an all-time high, it’s more ideal to just stay at home.

Have you tried a home service pet grooming?

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