This Guy Forgot Where He Parked His Car, And Got Reunited With It After 20 Years

There’s that saying about finding something in the most unexpected of places — even when it means locating it two decades later.

old car broken vehicle

Back in 1997, a rather motorist had left his car in Frankfurt, yet failed to find his car after he forgot where he parked it. He filed a report with the police, saying his car had been stolen.

The same man, now 76 years old, just got reunited with his long-lost vehicle twenty years later, finding it exactly where he had left it after city authorities located the old motor in an old industrial building.

According to a report by the DailyMail, the building was set to be demolished, so the police had to track down the owner of the abandoned car.

Accompanied by the police and his daughter, the man went off to see his car, yet the reunion was as less sentimental as hoped. Because the car was no longer functional, it was sent to the scrap heap.

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