This girl lost 57.2lbs through her “crackers diet,” here’s how she did it

Dieting is never easy, but this girl just proved that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!


Through her so-called “crackers diet”, 25-year-old Ej Curamen Sison lost 57.2 pounds, which is almost half of her actual weight. She shared why she decided to experiment on her diet via an exclusive interview with When In Manila, “I [wasn’t] happy anymore [with how I look,] na ganun na pala ako kalaki. Plus, the fact na may asthma ako, which is palagi po ako ina-aatake nung sobrang laki ko. Another thing, nung around 90 kilos and above ako [sumasakit] po madalas ang batok ko. Kaya na urge talaga ako na mag papayat hangga’t kaya ko.”

(English translation: “I [wasn’t] happy anymore [with how I look,] that I was already putting on that much weight. Plus, the fact that I have asthma, and often get asthma attacks due to my weight. Another thing, when I was around 90 kilos and above, my nape would often hurt. That’s why I urged my self to loss weight while I can.”)


She also elaborated her diet plan to When In Manila. She explained that she usually eats around four to six packs of crackers a day. However, she would like to clarify that she didn’t just eat crackers for one whole day. Her crackers diet actually still includes her usual “ulam,” but instead of eating rice, she replaced the Pinoy staple with crackers. She can eat what she wants but in portions and she also tried to eat less meat. Her “cracker meals” also has variety as she pairs it with tuna or egg, or eats it alongside sweet potatoes, oatmeal, fruits, and veggies. Plus, she drank a lot of water, mostly warm water.

Due to her asthma attacks, EJ also shared that she doesn’t go to the gym, but makes up for it by visiting saunas.

Note: We don’t promote any form of diet. If you intend to adopt a certain diet, we recommend that you consult a medical professional about it first.

Would you try her crackers diet? What else would you replace rice with?