This FDA Office Sign In Ali Mall Pretty Much Reminds Everyone To Use Common Sense

In an effort to expedite various government services directed towards the public, various government agencies have put up satellite offices in malls as to offer a quicker and usually more convenient option for those in need. Now, instead of having to come to a singular location and potentially get stuck waiting for long lines, these services have been made more efficient by simply having to visit the satellite office nearest you.

Now, anyone can avail a variety of government services in malls — from passport and driver’s license renewals, to business permits, loans, and other important transactions. As such, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened up a satellite office in Ali Mall in Cubao, and you’d think that people would get the memo.

….Except many of them didn’t. Apparently, the office has had several walk-ins mistaking them for the DFA, as in the Department of Foreign Affairs, that the agency has just about HAD IT, if this photo is any inclination!

Diwa de Leon posted this photo of a sign that was posted on the front door of the FDA (NOT the DFA!) outpost in Ali Mall.

FDA Food and Drug Administration

Lesson learned, guys: Pay closer attention.

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