This Clip of Zac Efron on a Pole Will Probably Make You Crush on Him More

Not that you needed any more reason to, you’re probably good with the Efron fever even without it, but we really think you will probably crush on Zac Efron more after seeing him show his upper body strength by working a pole.

In an interview with the British talk show The Graham Norton Show, the host brings up how he encountered a photo of Efron propping himself up on a parking meter. But not casually leaning, we’re talking body parallel to the ground, and nothing but his arms supporting him on the pole. Norton asks if Efron could really do that, and though Zac pointed out that it was for a photoshoot, he said he really could.

To prove it, they’ve brought out a pole for Zac to showcase his ala Spiderman skills, and, well, just see for yourself.

Can you also do that like Zac? Tell us what you think about this video in the comments!

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