This Child Goes to School with a Cardboard Box as Backpack

UPDATE (29 June 2015, 3:39PM):

We were informed that this photo that has been going viral on social media was not in the Philippines but actually in Malaysia. One of our readers commented with following along with the link to the background story of the photo.

“This picture was taken during the last day of school at a school in the area Pensiangan, Sabah. As the school will close, teachers distribute stock milk to school students. Because students are not to bring the milk container back then with her own creativity she uses the box and use a rope to hold the bag. “Said Rozali on facebook updates.

Still, this inspiring photo is a great reminder that we should not take things for granted. The littlest things can get us by in life and despite not having much, we should always try to make the most out of it, be it in school or life in general.


How did you carry your stuff when you were still in grade school?

I bet a lot of us carried them in a spanking new backpack that we get at the start of every school year. We wanted our new stuff (notebooks, pencils, crayons, etc.) to be placed in a new bag. Despite the old still being okay, we want to start the new school year with a new bag.

Some may even have what we call “strollers”. Those wheeled bags that makes carrying all our school stuff a lot easier, because you just let your bag roll.

Recently, a photo of a child, with no new backpack, or with a makeshift backpack, went viral online.

The photo by Diwata Socrates that made rounds on Facebook is of a child carrying a used cardboard box as bag for school. 

Child Cardboard Box Bag

It was re-shared on Bassilyo’s page on Facebook with caption:

Nakakadurog ng puso ang batang ito.. kahit karton lang ang gamit na bag sa eskwela, sa murang edad ay matyagang hinahasa ang sarili sa pag-abot ng pangarap.. may mga batang ipinanganak na mayaman, magaganda ang gamit sa eskwela, pero kahangahanga ang determinasyon ng batang ito. ang mga katulad ng batang ito ang tunay na pag-asa ng bayan. isang saludo sayo boy!

Rough translation: This breaks my heart. Even just using a cardboard box as bag for school, at a very young age, this child is working hard to be better and reach his dreams. There are children who were born rich, with good stuff for school. But this kid’s determination is inspiring. Children like him are the true hopes of our country. I salute you boy!

Would anyone here have information how we can reach this child? There may be people who would be willing to spare a bag so he can carry his school stuff easier.

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