This Boot Camp Aims to Help the Youth Jumpstart Their Careers

Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts provides the youth with the fundamentals they need to jumpstart their careers. With the goal to turn passions into professions, Virtual Hangouts presents them with endless opportunities for learning and development in their chosen field of interest. This time around, Virtual Hangouts has been on a serious hunt for the next big idea in the world of entrepreneurship.

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Photo from Globe

Here, we find out how well your trendjacking, product development, finance, and marketing skills compare to other aspiring entrepreneurs by a face-off in the fiercest business competition held last summer! 

Gearing Up for the Future

Held last March 19, the GoHUSTLE Boss Up Bootcamp Launch kicked off with an inspiring story of Nina Ellaine, who defied the odds of leading a woman-owned business in a man’s world. Not only did we get to know her Zero to CEO story, but we also got a glimpse of her brilliant mind as she talked about the 10 things she wished she knew when she was starting, the key variables of being your own boss, and the fundamentals on decision making when starting your own business.

After the learning session with Nina, participants who attended through the portal also had the chance to meet the ultimate girl boss and makeup extraordinaire herself, and participate in a Quiz-like segment where winners got to take home awesome Colourette goodies! 

Skin in the Game

The lucky scholars did a six-stage boot camp that covers topics from creating your story, branding, marketing, and finance, to the overall entrepreneurial mindset. Through various sessions, participants are not only attending educational talks but also stacking up the building blocks of their big idea that was presented to a panel at the end of the boot camp! 

Participants are left in the great hands of notable names in the world of business, such as Nian of VYOUS DIGITAL, Rizza of Mink PH, Johan of OJK, and Briko of BKB. Through their mentoring sessions, scholars are reintroduced to the importance of knowing their market, positioning their product, evaluating their price model, and mastering the art of spreadsheets. As much as these skills are vital, GoHUSTLE Boss Up Bootcamp also aims to foster a community of purposeful & gritty entrepreneurs who will build value-creating businesses. 

Low Hanging Fruit

The Big Pitch was held last June 11 and streamed via Globe’s Facebook Page and at the Globe Virtual Hangouts Your Passion Portal (www.globevirtualhangouts.ph) where everyone was able to witness the finale of GoHUSTLE Boss Up Bootcamp. Here, finalists got a chance to take all the lessons they learned over the course of the boot camp and present their ideas to a panel.

In just 5 minutes, they were able to communicate their brand story, show off their product design and defend why it is going to be the hottest seller in their chosen target market. Besides that, the event also featured Virtual Bazaar and housed special guests as well. To be able to see how this all went down, go this way to www.globevirtualhangouts.ph and relive the fun!

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At the end of the event, Nikki Camua of Nikki Kooks brought home the bacon and was named the newest hustler in the metro! She was awarded Php25,000 in cash and a business support package that included an HP laptop, a Samsung A55 5G mobile phone with Globe Prepaid SIM and Php1,000 worth of load, and a Viber marketing mileage. You can check out her awesome menu via her Instagram Page and see what tasty dish you will order next! 

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