This Book Store Takes Advantage Of Clickbaits To Encourage People To Read Books

We are all guilty of spending way too much time in front of our gadgets just surfing through the latest trends and topics on the internet. With the seemingly infinite number of materials and information we can find on the web, we usually tend to click on those headlines that instantly catch our attention. Most likely, it’s a video of a cat playing the piano or a really funny Tumblr thread.

But hey, admit it. We are likely to scroll past the posts about new scientific discoveries, great articles reviewing classic literary pieces and the like.

Well, this bookstore has taken advantage of the power of attention-grabbing headlines to encourage people to read books.

the wild detectives 2

the wild detectives 1

With their noble mission of trying to bring back people to reading books or literary pieces again, The Wild Detectives, has turned to using cleverly-written clickbait headlines into leading people on the internet to love literature and read pieces, such as Romeo and Juliet, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and The Prince among others.

the wild detectives 3 the wild detectives 4 the wild detectives 5

The headlines are worded in a way that they summarize the story or the essence of the book or piece. Truth be told, this headline about a teenage girl who tricked her boyfriend into killing himself will actually make you click. Sounds familiar? Yup, when you read the article, you’ll find out it’s about the classic Romeo and Juliet.

the wild detectives 6

the wild detectives 7

The people behind The Wild Detectives are hoping that people who “fell for the tagline” will also “fall for the book”.

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