This artist paired Disney Princesses with Eevee evolves, and they’re ADORABLE

The Eevee appears to be a normal type Pokémon, but did you know that they can evolve into 8 different forms and types? Tsao Shin, an artist, tried to visualize how it would be like if a Disney Princess had their own respective pooch – an evolved Eevee, that is.

According to his online bio, Tsao Shin (also known as Eric Proctor)’s art “focuses primarily on fantasy, cute and funny themes”.

We couldn’t help but feel giddy over Tsao Shin’s Eevee and Disney Princess pairings! See them for yourself below!

With Vaporeon‘s mermaid-like body, it seems a pretty good match and a perfect companion for King Triton’s daughter, Ariel (please don’t be jealous, Flounder!). They’d likely be discovering more dinglehoppers and marvel at the treasures stored in Ariel’s secret grotto.

Vaporeon – water-type Pokemon

With a young and fiery soul like Moana‘s, Flareon will keep that heart of hers burning and yearning for whatever adventure goes her way, no matter how far she’ll go.

Flareon – fire-type Pokemon

Rapunzel‘s long and golden mane goes well with Jolteon’s bright and colored fur. Even Mother Gothel would be too frightened to kidnap it for its bold and striking eyes.

Jolteon – electric-type Pokemon

Umbreon‘s dark but persian-like features makes it look as royal as its companion, Jasmine. This Pokemon will light Jasmine’s ‘whole new world’ with her moonlight body features -its yellow markings glowing in the dark nights.

Umbreon – dark-type Pokemon

Now this pair’s colors go perfectly well! Actually, it’s a family of green for Naveen, Tiana and Leafeon – and their earthly tones reflect the beauty that is around them – other than one’s heart of gold.

Leafeon – grass-type Pokemon

There’s something sweet, and almost kind — wait, a second. It’s an Eevee! Belle would enjoy the presence of this Normal-type Pokemon, as it pretty much adapts to anyone and anything (its 8 different evolves speaks for itself already!) We’re pretty sure that even a trip to the library wouldn’t bore this one.

Eevee – normal-type Pokemon

A kingdom of isolation is what Elsa has always wanted, but we think she’d change her mind if a Glaceon comes around. They’d be the coolest ones up there in the North Mountain.

Glaceon-ice-type Pokemon

Once upon a dream, Aurora dreamt of the cutest things during that long slumber. What better way than to wake up with an adorable Sylveon charming your morning? Flora, Fauna and Merryweather would adore their kin – a cute Sylveon, just as much as Aurora would.

Sylveon-fairy-type Pokemon

A colorful gypsy on the streets, Esmerelda would flock the streets of Paris with an Espeon by her side. While the physical resemblances between the two are uncanny, the city of love would be much more lovable with the warm presence of the two.

What’s your favorite Princess and Pokemon pair? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: does not own any of these photos. Credits go to Tsao Shin.


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