This angry bus passenger headbutts the windshield after missing stop

bus passenger headbutt windshield

A bus passenger in Hong Kong was not pleased when he missed his stop. After he missed his stop, he punched and headbutted the windshield of a double-decker Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) when the driver didn’t let him go down the bus.

The passenger who appeared angry punched, pushed, kicked, and headbutted the windshield in an attempt to break it.

Apparently, the passenger asked the driver to let him go down despite missing his stop at Tai Wai MRT station on Mei Tin Road. However, the driver rejected this request.

The passenger left his seat to make a phone call and seek help. Then, he started pushing the driver. After that, he broke the windshield when he headbutted it. Then, he tossed one of his shoes out of the window of the bus.

Police arrived at the scene. The passenger was then brought to the Princes of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, New Territories for his injuries.

The bus was taken to a warehouse for repair.

Here’s a video of the incident.

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