This Adorable Toddler Kept Stealing Prince Harry’s Popcorn

The British royal family is truly modern-day royalty — you can’t help but just fawn in their presence!

Especially when you find yourself the opportunity to be so near as to even be seated beside them, you’d probably pull out all the manners your mother taught you. Heck, you might even curtsy.

Toddler steals Prince Harrys popcorn

Not this little girl, apparently.

This adorable toddler found herself seated beside Prince Harry at the Invictus Games and judging from this video, was totally unfazed by the prince’s royal status as she kept stealing Prince Harry’s popcorn!

The tyke was identified as two-year-old Emily Henson, daughter of Paralympian Dave Henson and was sitting on her mother Hayley’s lap when the little “felony” occurred. She does more than a quick sneak or two, even repeatedly and brazenly stealing the popcorn from the prince!

Luckily, Prince Harry has a good sense of humor and ended up teasing the tot with a kernel once in a while.

Watch the adorable video below:

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