This 22-year-old Pinoy Physicist Was Awarded At A Vienna Nuclear Olympiad

Pinoy pride!

22-year-old physicist Anton Tanquintic was awarded at the Nuclear Olympiad 2015 in Vienna, Austria according to local reports!

22 year old filipino physicist

Tanquintic presented a 60-minute video on Nuclear Techniques for Global Development, particularly on the production of radioisotopes and its practical application on food and agriculture, besting candidates from other countries and making it to the final round of the olympiad.

The young physicist, a graduate of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering from Ateneo de Manila University, was one of five finalists flown to Austria for the Olympiad. Local reports say that Anton would have been the Olympiad champion, if not for the number of likes of a Brazilian candidate that exceeded his.

Still, this is an impressive feat that would definitely be for the benefit of the country. Congratulations!

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