These 7 Primers Will Have Your Skin Makeup-Ready (So It Doesn’t Melt Off in Manila Heat)

Ever had trouble with your makeup slipping off wayyy too early in the day? Maybe you just stepped onto the LRT and you’ve already lost half your foundation or your eyeshadow has migrated just into your crease. It sucks having to deal with slippery, slidey makeup–especially in the torturous heat of Manila. But what helps, you may ask? Primers. Primers are such game-changers. They act like a base for your makeup to adhere to better, as your skin might not always be the best surface for it. Think of it like paint primer–first, you prime what you’re going to paint and the pain that you layer on top is more vibrant and is more long-lasting. Same thing with makeup.

Primers are also great for protecting the skin and keeping pores from getting clogged. Often, makeup can seep into pores and clog them, making it hard to deep clean. But primer helps fill in those pores so that foundations, powders, and other makeup products don’t end up clogging them. So it protects and holds your makeup. Double duty!

Here are 7 primers that we personally recommend you try out for yourself. Each one is different so you may want to consider what’ll go best with your skin or what finish you want to achieve. Some primers are matte, others are more glowy. It’s all up to you and how you wear your makeup! And worry not, you can get them all on Shopee. Let’s say it together: Salamat, Shopee!

7. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Maybelline Baby Pore Smoother L 1

A lot of primers fill in visible pores so well that they seem blurred or even erased and Maybelline’s Baby Skin does just that. True to its name, it’ll make you look like you have the skin of a baby, unblemished and totally smooth. It also gives off a subtle glow that makes you look and feel radiant. It’s incredibly lightweight, it doesn’t feel like you have product on your face at all! And it’s also good for those who are prone to acne!

6. MeNow Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

Me Now Eye Primer

Eyeshadow can tend to cling to oils that pool in the crease of your eye and make a mess of your super #snatched eye lewks. Have no fear, eyeshadow lovers! This primer is sure to lock that shadow in place and keep it from migrating all around your eyelid. It’ll cement down the pigment so it doesn’t move or fade as quickly, especially if you have oily lids (like me!). I swear by eye primer and its powers, especially when it comes to intensifying color.

5. SACE LADY Full Cover Liquid Concealer + Face Makeup Primer

SACE LADY Concealer and primer

This one’s a set–lucky you! Full coverage concealers are any makeup lover’s secret weapon to hiding blemishes and spots. So we definitely want that concealer to last all day–lest you risk exposing that pimple you really wanna hide (if you wanna hide it, of course, you wear your makeup however you like, babe!). With the primer that comes with it, you’re sure to make that concealer long-lasting and, with this formula at least, keep the face matte and shine-free for as long as possible (it claims 8 hours–a whole work day!). What’s great about sets, too, is that often makeup brands will manufacture products that will ideally work together better than other products do in combination. So win-win!

4. Perfect Diary Ultra Silk Lip Primer

Perfect Diary Ultra Silk Lip Primer

Even your lips need to be primed and ready before color goes on. Some people swipe on their lipstick straight away which is totally fine, but to keep the lip color lasting longer I do suggest priming the lips. It usually hydrates them and keeps the color from feathering away throughout the day. It’s also not greasy at all, letting your lips be super luscious.

3. Ellana Blur Classic Primer

Ellana Blur Primer

Ellana is popular for its mineral cosmetics but this silicone primer is also a showstopper for sure. It’s great for plenty of skin types who might have textured skin, flaky skin, or large pores. This’ll fill them up right away! It lasts a long, long time and is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sweat breaking through that barrier of primer you put down.

2. The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer

The Ordinary Skin Primer

The Ordinary is popular for plenty of their products but I don’t see enough love for their silicone primer. Silicone primers often have that uber smooth feel to them, making the skin feel really soft and silky, letting any kind of foundation or pigment glide on really easily and stay on, too. This primer fills in all the little nooks and crannies in your pores that might get clogged by the foundation, ultimately causing skin problems. This’ll blur pores, matte down the face, and hydrates the skin. Triple victory.

1. Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Primer

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow

Now, for those who really want to get glowing, glass skin with just one product, this one’s for you. This dewy finish primer is definitely going to shine through–whether you wear it bare-faced or with a foundation. It’ll transform your foundation for sure. For example, you have one that’s a little more matte. If you wear it with this, it’ll turn almost satin-like with a subtle glow, like you’re lit from within. It’s got this pearlescent quality about it that really makes your skin look healthy, dewy, and glowy. It’s my favorite one. Brb, grabbing another bottle!

Which primer are you going to be trying? Let us know!

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