These planters are perfect for Plantitos/Plantitas who are also Pokemon trainers

Gotta catch ’em all? And put plants in them.

If you are Pokemon trainer by day and a Plantito/Plantita by night (or vice versa), these cute planters are perfect for you.

Alex Adam of Retro Gaming Centre sells these cute 3D-printed Pokemon planters and they are available on Etsy. Although they come from the United Kingdom, they ship to the Philippines so it is possible to get them delivered to your home.

pokemon pots planters 1

Photo from Etsy

According to the post on Etsy:

A Pokemon inspired 3D printed flower pot, in which you can grow small plants and succulents

These are printed separately and glued together

The size is 10 cm by 10 cm and a wall thickness of 1.3 cm which makes it very sturdy, but you can also get it in 6 cm by 6 cm options (2.3 inches by 2.3 inches).

All pots come with 5 holes in the bottom so the water can drain and not flood the plants.

Optional you can get a water collecting tray that comes with transparent silicone feet to not slip on hard surfaces and also has enough space inside to gather water.

They are 3D printed out of PLA+ which is 100% Eco Friendly and Biodegradable,

Layers might be visible but they are individually checked for imperfections and none are being sent as such.

All the products in the shop have been 3D modeled by me and not downloaded from the internet!

NOTE: They come without plants and gravel!

The Pikachu planter is sold at a starting price of PHP 856.

pokemon pots planters 4

Photo from Etsy

The store also sells Bulbasaur and Charmander planters. Both are sold separately starting at PHP 854.

pokemon pots planters 5

Photo from Etsy

pokemon pots planters 6

Photo from Etsy

pokemon pots planters 7

Photo from Etsy

The Charmander planter is available in stock. It is priced at PHP 1,974 but shipping fee and other costs might not be included. Delivery lead time is at least one week.

pokemon pots planters 2

Photo from Etsy

pokemon pots planters 3

Photo from Etsy

Aside from these Pokemon planters, the store also sells Super Mario Bros. planters.

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