There’s No Time To Waste With Black Canvas’ “Walang Sayang”

‘Wag mong sayangin ang pagkakataon. Join The Black Canvas for WALANG SAYANG (NO WASTE): Young Artist-Leaders for Climate Action Online Camp!


The climate crisis looms over the horizon, and the youth aren’t wasting time with their response. That’s why The Black Canvas will be hosting WALANG SAYANG, a four-day online youth camp to raise awareness on the climate emergency, explore creativity for climate action, and develop a youth network of climate leaders, artists, and advocates from the Philippines.


WALANG SAYANG will be held over the span of two weekends, with 30 young fellows participating online, nationwide. These young fellows will include artists, student-leaders, and climate activists within the arts and culture sector. At WALANG SAYANG, these fellows will come together to amplify their voices and engage the nation in artistic, creative, and culture-based climate conversations, enacting lasting change and meaningful climate action.

Join the youth as they call for climate action NOW! Follow the LIVE climate conversations on our Facebook page (@theblackcanvasph) on October 16-17 and 23-24, 2021.