There is a Hand-Carved Clock in Japan that Writes the Time and it is Beautiful

This is the most awesome clock you will ever see, that’s for sure.

Called Plock, this “writing clock” is the invention of 22-year-old Kango Suzuki, a student at the Tohoku University of Art and Design.

The one-of-a-kind clock took six months to create, Suzuki says. The Plock is made up of 407 pieces of hand-carved wood, while it writes the time at each minute on the small rectangular magnetic drawing board placed at the center.

This intricate piece of work and design is truly a sight to behold. Japan has proved yet again with this intelligent fusion of modern and traditional why they’re known around the world for their innovations.

See the clock here:

The clock was first demonstrated to the public early this year at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

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