The Zillennial: The cusp of Gen Z and Millennial

There’s a new term hanging around the Twittersphere that describes those who are just on the fringes of being either a millennial or gen z. It’s called “Zillennial.” While there are sure to be overlaps with the years in terms of generations, some people really do identify with the in-between of two generations, not quite one but not quite the other, either. They’ve got some traits that millennials do while also having traits of a gen z-er. It’s hard to say you’re more one than the other, thus: Zillennial.

According to some definitions online (including Urban Dictionary), it’s kids who grew up with VHS tapes but saw the tides turn with DVDs and then streaming. It’s kids who held a game boy and are now playing with the Switch, delighted at the original Donkey Kong Country SNES games now being added online. They probably also came of age in the early 2010s.

So it’s kids who were born in the last few years of the millennial generation and the first few years of gen z. This isn’t clear-cut, of course, but there are kids who were brought up in this way because of how their siblings were raised or their neighborhood, etc.

Are you a zillennial?

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