The World Today in One Tweet – MH17 Shot Down in Ukraine

The World Today in One Tweet – MH17 Shot Down in Ukraine 

Tweet of God

I am writing this with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes.

There are just days when news from all over can take the most from us. Those kinds of what the h— moments that render you speechless, staring blankly at a distance, and just asking why.

Today is that day – another low time for humanity.

If you have just woken up, you’re probably in great shock about the news of another Malaysian Airlines plane falling from the sky. If you were awake at around 12 midnight last night and saw the breaking news splashed all over the Internet, you probably didn’t get much sleep.

MH17, as confirmed by a United States official was shot down by a ground-to-air missile killing almost 300 (some say 295, some say 298) innocent people. Unlike the still-hasn’t-been-found-with-no-leads-yet MH370, this one has debris scattered all over Ukraine.

US Official

As of now, the only confirmed information is that the aircraft has been shot down. Who did it and why — these are still unanswered as investigations unfold.

Here’s an alleged amateur footage of the said MH17 crash. 



Here are some of the photos from the crash site. (All images c/o CNN)

MH17 (1)

MH17 (2)

MH17 (3)

MH17 (4)

MH17 (5) 

Looks like what happened is a part of the crisis between Ukraine and the pro-Russian separatists. Ukraine, Russia, and the pro-Russian separatists are point fingers against each other to who did this. BUT NOTHING IS CONFIRMED YET.

In a television appearance, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that MH17 didn’t make any distress call, and whoever shot it down “must be brought to justice.”

MH17 was said to be carrying citizens from all over the world where 154 are from Netherlands, 43 are from Malaysia (15 crews and 2 infants), 27 are from Australia, 12 are from Indonesia (1 infant), 9 are from UK, 4 are from Germany, another 4 are from Belgium, 3 are from the Philippines, 1 is from Canada, and 41 left are still unverified.

Malaysia Airlines hasn’t recovered yet from the MH370 disappearance last March. This can be purely coincidence but still rather unfortunate.

MH370(Image Source: @iamlesterjoseph) 

My heart goes to all the innocent souls on board and to their families and loved ones.

Today is one of the saddest days in history. 🙁