The Ultimate Travel Planning App – KKday

Planning a trip abroad today is a very different experience from what it used to be. Years back, travelers would have to go through agencies and buy pre-selected packages to get the best deals. Now, most travelers want full control of their trip. From hunting down cheap airline tickets and accommodations, to thorough research for the best activities and itineraries, today’s travelers DIY every step of the process.

And it’s easy to see why. By skipping the traditional locked-in packages, travelers open themselves up to much more flexible schedules and better prices. With inspiration everywhere they turn—travel blogs by their favorite celebrities, adventure magazines, or even just posts from well-traveled Facebook friends, they know exactly what they want. They go where they want to go, and do what they want to do.

That’s where the KKday app comes in. With over 10,000 travel experiences from over 80 countries and 500 cities, travelers can now build their entire itineraries right at their fingertips. Simply key in your destination, and you’ll immediately see thousands of travel products for your trip. Everything from the essentials like Wi-Fi and on-the-ground transportation, to theme park tickets, day tours to key attractions, and all sorts of off-the-grid activities and local experiences. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a company, choose from join-in tours to private tours for groups and families. Select your tours, book, and pay—and your trip is all set!

KKday’s sheer amount of options makes it a one-stop-shop for every kind of traveler. Adrenaline junkies can browse through the ice-skiing tours in Japan, or the mountain climbing adventures in Malaysia. Foodies can have their fill at Taiwan’s night market walking tours, or delight in a wine and cheese lunch in Paris. For the shopaholics? KKday can take you on a shopping spree to the biggest outlet stores in the US.  Everything you see is highly curated by KKday’s team of travelers for fellow travelers, aiming to help you discover the world in an instant.

Whatever your travel style or interest, find the perfect tours on the KKday app—now available for both Apple and Android.

KKday is an online travel platform that specializes in local in-destination tours and guides. Under CEO Ming Ming Chen, the company has grown from a team of 20 back in 2015, to now over 250 employees. Headquartered in Taiwan and with ten other offices all over Asia (including the Philippines), KKday is Asia’ largest e-commerce travel platform and supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. Visit to learn more, or download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. (

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