The Theodore Hotel in Tagaytay: Spectacular Sights, Both Inside and Out

The Theodore Hotel in Tagaytay: Spectacular Sights, Both Inside and Out 


When in Manila, it’s easy to forget that there are spectacular views that aren’t on the other side of an elevator ride. It’s easy to forget that  non-diesel exhaust doesn’t count as fresh air. It’s easy to forget that gray and beige aren’t primary colors. Fortunately, when in Manila, it’s also easy to travel to a mountainside town with jungle-clean oxygen and second-floor panoramas that put any Makati penthouse view to shame.

When in Manila and feeling a little too disconnected from nature, and maybe a little too connected to your phone, take the short trip to Tagaytay and stay at the Theodore Hotel (and be sure to make your booking with Agoda.com for the best rates). 

The Theodore Hotel in Tagaytay

The Theodore Hotel, Tagaytay

The Theodore Hotel is located up in the clouds overlooking Lake Taal. I was given the Theodore Room when I arrived last Friday. The view from my balcony seemed to reach the end of the world. In the distance I could see the Taal Volcano, as well as some of the other islands on the lake that resulted from a prehistoric magma party. (If I ever form a band, I’m naming it that). 


Okay, so the views are great. But all the views facing the lake in Tagaytay are sort of mind-blowing. What really separates the Theodore Hotel are the views inside. The place looks like it was decorated by some combination of an un-ironic Andy Warhol, an apolitical Banksy, and a photo editor from Better Home and Gardens magazine. Everything is fun, surprising, vibrant, and just a little bit quirky, but never goofy or over the top. 

For example, here is my room. 


It’s just a really nice hotel room, except it also has an awesome plaid/argyle design on one wall. Here’s the reverse view. 


Look at that picture again. Notice something odd? Oh, that’s right, there’s a DANCING SILHOUETTE BY THE DOOR. I love this place already.  


If the Theodore Hotel sold that hat, I would buy it in a second. 

When I woke up the next morning and went to find breakfast, I noticed this face on the ceiling above the stairs leading to the roof. This ceiling girl has a little bit of a Michael Jackson nose. I think a model talent scout would say she has an “interesting look.” 

Notice that even though I’m looking right at her, she is pretending not to notice me and is looking at someone else across the room. Sigh. Story of my life. 


Coming downstairs, I noticed this chandelier hanging in the lobby. It looks like a baby’s mobile, if the baby’s father were a  medieval alchemist. 


Here’s the lobby. Look at this horse armor. And that vintage luggage is right next to it, ready to go.  Whoever the horse is that owns this armor and luggage, he likes to travel safely, and in style. I respect that. 


Here’s another shot of the lobby. This chair is like seven feet tall. It looks like the Cat in the Hat’s throne.