The search for love of career and love of all loves

Have you ever sacrificed love for your own career? When it goes down the drain, love is set aside for something else. For others, it is putting love at fault for one’s career, a misconception without a doubt. As individuals trying to continuously find their real purpose and happiness in life, it is difficult to choose between two or more things that equally matter to you. This is because the concept of love affects one’s perspective of happiness, independence, and success. With this, we can realize how society has caged us up with rules on how to live and a list of things that should make us happy. 

rsz quest poster with sponsors final

To learn more about love and career to achieve a better work-life balance, the Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (YES) of the De La Salle University – Manila presents Quest: équilibre. YES is a recognized professional student organization that aims to cultivate the entrepreneurial potentials of students and young professionals. The event aims to assist career-oriented individuals to reach their full potential as professionals by learning how to deal with the hustle and bustle of papers and bills, while embracing their feelings through the joy of loving. Quest: équilibre will bring them to a quest for love, a quest to reach professional success, and a quest for growth. The event’s beloved speakers are The Collaboratory PH, Megan Young, Killa Kush, and Anikka Yanez. Guests will also be serenaded by the songs of Jem Cubil, Syd Hartha, and Never the Strangers. They will share their experiences on how they have balanced out achieving personal goals while investing in relationships.


Being a premier organization for aspiring entrepreneurs, the De La Salle University – Young Entrepreneurs’ Society commits to cultivating the entrepreneurial potentials of students. They invest and spearhead programs aimed to develop technical, emotional, and financial management skills of individuals. Quest: Equilibre will take place at the 5th Floor – The Verdure, Henry Sy Sr. Hall Building, De La Salle University, Manila.

Together, let us all venture towards our #QuestForLove.