The Rockwell Christmas Car Raffle for a Jaguar Happens on February 1st

Christmas Car Raffle

Rockwell wraps up its #ChristmasAtRockwell on February 1 with the raffle of a Jaguar XE or XF, as it celebrates 20 great years.

For the whole Christmas season, Rockwell dished out a series of activities, events and promotions.

Dazzling Christmas decorations have set the tone for another Christmas spectacle with their magical Christmas decors! Beautiful tinsels, ornaments, and lights adorned the whole Center. Everyone took a special delight in the Christmas trees located near the Kirov model unit and the North Court, which stand as remarkable symbols that truly brought out the excitement for #ChristmasAtRockwell!

Shopping galore made its mark with Rockwell’s Holiday Gift Fairs from November 27 – 29 and December 4 – 6 with over 50 participating boutiques that gave shoppers great finds in their Holiday Bazaars! The Power Plant Mall’s app — the PowerShopper (Your Very Own Little Helper), allowed easy-breezy shopping. 

Christmas wouldn’t have been as magical without Santa Claus. Thus, Rockwell setup the Make A Wish at Santa’s Wishing Station and let the kids experience writing to Santa.

Of course, the classic holiday tunes played everywhere. Shoppers felt the warmth and joy of the holidays as angelic voices serenaded everyone with old and new Christmas songs on all weekends of December. Jolly shoppers got the chance to catch the choirs of Chorus Paulinus, Kammerchor and Angono Chamber Orchestra perform live. Definitely a wonderful Christmas treat!

christmas at rockwell

With a few weeks left before officially closing the holiday season, Rockwell is doing the drum roll for that car raffle — a Jaguar — on February 1st!

Indeed, there’s still just too much excitement for #ChristmasAtRockwell!

The Rockwell Christmas Car Raffle for a Jaguar Happens on February 1st