The Rainy Season is Here: Rainy Day Survival Tips for Your Car

It’s a double whammy. It’s a Friday, and it’s also a payday. You’re on your way to Eastwood to meet your friends to see the most talked about flick this month. Of all times you find yourself in the middle of C5 stuck in traffic. You start to worry about getting there on time, and with good reason because it seems this is one of those days when everything seems to not go as planned.

And as if rubbing salt to a wound, it starts to rain — hard. The gutters are overflowing and the floodwater is quickly rising. Now you worry about two things: meeting your friends in time, and getting through C5 without ruining your car.

Well, before you go out of your mind, here’s a quick check list from Havoline Engine Oils for you to make sure that your car survives the onset of the rainy season.

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  • Headlights and tail lights

Visibility is very essential when driving in the rain. Replace your headlights if they flicker or are busted. Tail lights must also be clear so other cars can see you when you need to turn on your blinkers.

  • Windshield

Another facet of visibility is your windshield. Make sure it is clean before hitting the road on a rainy day. Keep a rug in your glove compartment so if ever there’s fogging, you have something to wipe it off and clear the glass with. Same goes with your side mirrors, rearview mirror and windows. Keeping them clean and clear from dirt and/or water droplets will help you see clearly.

  • Wiper/wiper blades

Inspect your wiper and wiper blades if they are working properly before you go out. If they don’t clear up your windshield well, it’s time to replace them with new ones.

  • Brakes

Roads are extra slippery when wet. Check your brakes to make sure they are working properly. Brake pads should still have friction, and your brake fluid must still have that golden color. If it turns dark, then you must set an appointment with your friendly mechanic right away.

  • Wheels

Your wheels must be in good shape, aligned, and are properly inflated every time you go out. It is also very essential that they have enough tread depth since the water on the road goes through the depths, preventing you from slipping. You can check your tread depth by using a coin. It is usually 3 to 5 mm deep. Also, don’t forget your spare tire. Check if it is properly inflated and ready to use. That’s what spare tires are for after all. In addition, it is also best to make sure that you have a portable tire inflator that can help pump up your bad tire just enough to get you to the nearest gasoline station or vulcanizing shop.

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  • Mud flaps

Avoid spraying muddy water everywhere by making sure your mud flaps fit exactly where they should be before you start any ride. This will also prevent foreign particles from getting into your engine.

  • Battery and other electricals

Of course, your car won’t start if your battery doesn’t have power. Ensure that your battery power is up and is in good condition. Double-check electrical connections and patch them up if you see any weak or loose links. Also, make sure external wires are properly insulated and that all fuses are working fine.

  • Engine

If you’re due for a tune up, make sure that you get it before the rainy season comes in. For the ultimate protection your car needs during these rainy days, tune up with Havoline Engine Oils and experience maximum protection on your engine life and performance, fuel economy, investment, and even the environment.

  • Check up and servicing

Your car probably has probably gone through scorching heat last summer season so check up and servicing is a must to prepare it for the rain and flood that it will definitely encounter during these days. Go and have your car checked in selected Caltex stations or in an auto-supply shop today!

Now armed with these few essentials from Havoline Engine Oils, start your checklist and have a rainy season without worrying about your cars.

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