The Power of Positivity 2017: A Conference on how to Think Well, Feel Well, and Do Well

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Since 2014, the Integrality’s signature program, The Power of Positivity, has been inspiring people to work happier, live happier, and achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Through the unique framework “Think Well, Feel Well and Do Well,” participants learn how to practice positivity in key aspects of life. This helps them create and maintain a harmonious cycle and interaction of positive thoughts, positive feelings, and positive behavior.

The theme of this conference is inspired by Pope Francis’s message to Filipinos last January 2015 during his visit to the Philippines where he said, to learn “to think, feel, and to do … and all that, harmoniously.”

Now on its second year, Integrality adds two more modules — Positive Disposition and Positive Communities — to further equip people to live positivity.

This conference will have a total of 8 modules:

Positive Psychology: Believe in your strengths. Are you grappling with what you are good at? This module zooms in on identifying your strengths and how to use them to increase your positivity.

Positive Integration: Align with your purpose. If you are in search of your purpose, this part of the program is the first step you need to take to gain clarity on why you exist in this world. Discover also if everything that you do in life is anchored to your purpose.

Positive Disposition: Inner Peace Through Acceptance. Do you find yourself struggling with inner discontent? Are you stressed most of the time because things are not going the way you planned?
This module will enlighten you on how to get out of this state and gain inner peace. Discover the main obstacle to inner peace and benefit from tips on how to accept yourself and others today.


Positive Work Engagement: Authentic Growth through Work. Although the world of work aims for results, our worth as persons does not depend solely on our professional achievements. Learn how to get out of the achievement trap! Discover how you can use your career to help you grow holistically. 


Positive Communication: Communicate with Dignity. Do you find yourself saying things impulsively to your family members, friends, and co-workers, and wishing you never said them at all? Take a step back and be aware if your words nurture beauty and goodness in yourself and others. Learn about positive communication techniques that you can apply at work and practice how to give constructive feedback through a unique method.


Positive Relationships: Nurture individual uniqueness. Each one of us, with our strengths and our imperfections, are gifts to one another. Learn more about what makes us who we are including our temperament type and how we can nurture one another given our uniqueness.


Positive Leadership: Influence through Positivity. “The best leaders influence not by power but through positivity,” according to Integrality’s Founder and President, Cristine Atienza, Ph.D. Know more about how this happens through this module.


Positive Communities: Build positive circles. Amidst the war, political challenges, and natural calamities the Philippines is experiencing now, how can positivity make a difference? Learn how positive circles is essential to building a better nation.

Join us on July 29, 2017, from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the 3rd floor Function Room, Tower B of Wack Wack Twin Towers, Old Wack Wack Road, Mandaluyong City! The fee is P1,498/pax.

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This event is brought to you by Integrality, Asia’s first and only training and consulting group that seeks to inspire people to live fully—to live integrated lives in an era of brokenness and meaninglessness.

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