The Poems in “All the Broken Bloom” Are Perfect for Those Who Need Self-Love and Healing

All the Broken Bloom

Photo / September Stardust

If there is anything that is difficult to do, it is to love oneself. The crushing pain of trauma, inner child wounds, and broken relationships is often felt and rarely understood. In All the Broken Bloom, September Stardust’s debut collection of poems on self-love and healing, pain makes itself known, understood, and accepted.

September’s love for poetry was sparked in her childhood years.

“I’ve been writing poetry since I was seven years old. They’d be written on recycled paper my mom would bring home from work, and on construction paper I would fashion into a booklet. I would keep them stored on my study table for my eyes only. It wasn’t till my older years that I started submitting my poems to magazines and literary websites, with some of my poems published in anthologies,” she says.

All the Broken Bloom is a wonderful tapestry of poems on self-love, which September describes as a “beautiful but tough journey to be on, healing even more so.” With her book, she hopes to help the reader acknowledge how whole they are despite feeling broken from time to time, and that her poems inspire them to bloom through whatever is in their way.

All the broken bloom 2

Photo / 8Letters Bookstore & Publishing

Readers should not be fooled by the brevity and minimalism in September’s poetry, for each piece carries the weight of age-old wisdom. She shares, “When I write, I aim to keep it clear, concise, and compelling. I imagine this gives the reader time to reflect and respond.”

The book is divided into five parts, all of which allude to the process of growth. Among her poems, September cites “Begin Again,” “Royal,” and “Awake” as her favorites.

“’Begin Again’ captures the gift of things that do not stay. ‘Royal’ reminds us of the intersection of self-worth and empathy. ‘Awake’ emboldens us to trust in our power. The theme of these three favorites is loving yourself with kindness and courage,” she explains.

All the Broken Bloom is now available at the 8letters Bookstore for P380. Buy a copy here. Watch the online book launch here.

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