The Planner for People Who Never Get to Finish Their Planners

Written by April Fojas

Photographed by Gwyneth Sy

As an avid planner collector, I think it’s quite common for people to not finish or completely fill up their planners. I almost never finish mine, usually cause I’m behind on the coffee shop sticker collecting trend so I end up missing at least a month on the planner or I end up buying a planner late within the year. But I still buy planners because I’m heavily dependent on them, it literally holds my life together. And if you’re anything like me and you’re a little O.C., you’ll know that it sucks having a couple of those monthly spreads being empty. This is why the Work in Progress planner just might be my new favorite local productivity brand.

work in progress planner

work in progress planner

Here are a couple of things I love about the Work in Progress planner. First of all, it gets rid of the hassle of the entire sticker collecting scheme, especially if you’re not one to spend on so much coffee. Imagine an average drink at a coffee shop costs around Php180 and you need to collect 18 stickers, that’s Php3,240! You can get the Work in Progress planner for only Php825!

The main highlight though, other than it is a totally cute and chic mint-green color (and did I mention that it comes with a pouch?) is the fact that this planner is undated. It doesn’t have set dates for each of the monthly and weekly spreads. Allowing you to start and end your planner at any date and time, there won’t be pressure about leaving certain months blank if you weren’t able to get it at the start of the year. Say you got it Mid-year, you’d still be able to fill this up because the fact that it doesn’t have any set dates allows you to continue it into January the next year.

work in progress planner

It’s also more than just a planner, it helps you set and accomplish your goals at your own pace. For each month there are certain pages that allow you to focus on certain goals and find ways to accomplish them even if you face challenges. It even includes different inspirational quotes and stories from different people that will surely inspire you to continue being a work in progress. At the end of each month you get to reflect on the goals you may or may not have accomplished, it reminds you to show gratitude, and to be grateful and proud of yourself and to continue doing better than before. After all “slow progress is better than no progress.”

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work in progress planner

work in progress planner

I can’t wait to use my planner and be able to look back at it one day and see just how much progress I’ve made and it’ll all be thanks to the help of this blessing in planner form. Are you ready to finally fill up your planner and accomplish all your goals this year? You can find Work in Progress online or at these branches:

Facebook: Work In Progress PH

Instagram: @workinprogressph


📍 Nook Lifestyle Store – España
📍 The Craft Central – SM North Edsa, 4th Floor, The Block
📍 CO/OP – San Juan


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