The Philippines Will Have an Art City Like Brazil’s Favelas

Santa Marta favela

Photograph: Peeter Viisimaa/Getty Images

Brazil’s favelas (slums) used to be notorious for its rampant drug pushing and violence, but the local governments decided to give them a facelift by using art to inspire, change misconceptions, and attract tourists and locals to these areas. The initiative, called the Favela Paint Project, was spearheaded by artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn in 2005 to give favelas in  Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo a new face.

The Philippines to Have an Art City Like Brazil's Favelas 2

Photograph: Richard Balonglong/Inquirer Northern Luzon

Soon, we can have the same thing as the Department of Tourism Cordillera will start a beautification project to increase tourism in Stone Hill, a village between La Trinidad and Baguio. The department will partner with artists from the area to create a giant mural with the agreement and help of the residents.

Edna Tabanda, La Trinidad’s mayor, said that the local government will provide all materials. The plan is to create a giant mural of sunflowers and rainbows, a design created by Jordan Mang-osan and Tam-awan, a Baguio-based arts community.

The project is expected to finish March this year.

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