The Perfect Holiday Beauty Treat: Benefit PH’s Limited-Edition Holiday Makeup Kits and a Brow Grooming Session at their Brow Bar!


The Benefit Brow Bar at their pop-up store at Bonifacio Highstreet Central

I think the best way to look fairly decent amidst the crazy holiday rush is to frame your face with perfectly groomed eyebrows. Neat brows that compliment your face shape will brighten your eyes and polish off your overall look. They also require the skillful hands and the trained eye of an expert!


Here’s a list of the services Benefit Brow Bar offers

With nearly 40 years experience in shaping brows to perfection, I thought I’d entrust my brows to Benefit Brow Bar’s team of brow experts. Benefit’s National Brow Artist, Celina Fernandez, had worked her magic on my brows at a previous event, and I loved the results so much I was willing to have her groom my brows a second time.


All items for brow grooming are used only once per customer

During my brow session, I got to learn SO much about the technique behind brow grooming and shaping! Our local Brow artists have actually undergone training to master Benefit’s signature technique for brow grooming and shaping which is practiced at their Brow Bars worldwide. It involves a standard series of steps that ensure you have a fast, hygienic, and almost pain-free session with beautiful brows to show for it. They’re also trained to determine the best brow shape to suit your face, so no need to worry about a potential brow disaster here!

Here’s how it’s done:


Ms. Celina first “maps” my brows, determining where they ideally start and end, and where my arch falls.

Benefit Brow Bar offers a solution for any type of brow dilemma you may have as well. Whether you have sparse, unruly, or plain shapeless brows, Benefit’s signature Brow Mapping service is guaranteed to whip your sad brows into shape. Their brow artists also offer expert advice on eyebrow makeup application, upkeep and makeup products to use. They’re your absolute brow authority!


After mapping, she applies an oil cleanser to prep the brow area. This is so the skin around the brows isn’t damaged during waxing.


After testing the warm wax on my skin, she applies the wax first on my lower brow area, and in a swift motion pulls the wax strip off. I swear, I barely felt a thing! It’s definitely less painful than brow threading, as the warm wax opens up the hair follicles, making stripping less painful.


She then tweezes any stray hairs that weren’t picked up by the waxing strip.


And to polish off my brows, she trims off any uneven thick areas so both look even.


The result: clean, even, great-shaped brows that instantly make my face look put-together!


To finish off my look. Ms. Celine does an easy, everyday makeup look to complement my new brows! A singly purchase worth PHP3,000 actually entitles you to a free makeover at any Benefit store! What a great deal!


Loving the end result! Especially the subtle glow delivered by the Watt’s Up! highlighter Ms. Celina used on me.

I personally think now’s the best time to treat yourself to an early Christmas prezzie with Benefit Philippines lovely offers! So why not spoil yourself? Just for the holidays. 😉 Oh, and have you tried their brow bar as well? Let me know your brow transformation story in the comments!

Benefit Philippines

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