The Party Bus Manila: Where You Party in Style Like No Other!

When in Manila, a premier nightlife experience is NOT complete if you haven’t tried partying with The Party Bus Manila!

Launched just last August 4, 2012, the Party Bus has already been through three (3) successful runs. Without fail, they gave crazy party animals the option to bar-hop around the metro in complete utter style! For this September however, their VOYAGE IV (fourth run) was like no other given how they took the ‘partying‘ a level up higher! Waaaaay higher, actually!

As if their pimped-up bus wasn’t ridiculously awesome enough, the fourth voyage featured a—…waaaaaaait for it…a swanky and flashy hummer limo! Yes! A hummer limo! Just look at this baby!

How’s that for partying in style?!

Of course, we wouldn’t pass up a chance like this, so when the Party Bus invited us for their VIP-partying, I was glad enough to step up for WIM! Along with me that night was my good ol’ party buddy, Elaine, and you bet that we were ready for the wild ride!

Now here’s how it goes in the Party Bus: basically, you just party. You have every right to go bonkers! To go wild! Because the Party Bus takes care of everything else: practically every hustle and bustle in any party experience. So say goodbye to long lines and say hello to the best tables, the coolest bars, and the most epic VIP treatment!

With free-flowing booze on board all throughout the night, the limo/bus will take you to four (4) of Manila’s hottest clubs: the fourth being the last club that they’ll drop you off with, perfectly letting you to party the night away! (The best part about this is that they change the bars/clubs in every voyage.)

Ours started with Izumi at BGC last September 29; in there, we met our companions for the night and to get ourselves warmed up, we first had some drinks and games.

GUMMY BEARS! But…! This is definitely NOT for kids!

After ample time of getting to know one another, we finally met Mr. Hummer! But of course, in line with the Party Bus spirit, no one gets in the limo without taking a shot! Oh yeaaaaah!

Once inside… I don’t know if it was because of the hummerlimo-effect but there was a moment when we were all in a sudden calm state.


Prim and Proper
A.K.A. “The calm before the storm…”


Minutes after… human nature took over and the WILD-WILD-WILD fun began!!! They say that the ‘make or break’ of any party experience depends on the crowd you’re with… fortunately enough, when you’re partying with the Party Bus, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be partying with the best-est crowd!


Well hello crazies!
Can you say ‘basag’? Haha! 


NEXT STOP: Izakaya! The partying continues! …actually, it will never stop. *wink* BOOZE BOOZE BOOZE. WILD GAMES. EARGASMIC MUSIC. FUN CROWD! What can I say…? We had it all and to think that we were still at the second stop! How much more for the next ones, right?!

Before we headed on to our third club, surely you’d expect that we would make the most out of Mr. Hummer, yeah? And so… the moon roof fun began! At one point we had to lower down the energy level to keep ourselves safe and sane; but there was no stopping the fun! Let’s take cray-cray Raymond here for instance: he went out, through the moon roof, and stood on the top—all while the limo was moving!!!

THIRD STOP: We took over the Skye Lounge!  Salut! 

If you’ve been to Skye, you’ll know how most of the people here are laid back: “chillax lang” as what they’d often say. Most of the time you won’t even see much action going on; but hey, we were the Party Bus people… so we took the place by storm!

LAST STOP: Privé Luxury Club! More premium bottles to drown in and  even more memories to make. I just looooove how each of us practically partied like a boss! Instant props to the Party Bus gang for making our experience unforgettable. I think the new friends that I’ve met had checked off several items from their bucket list as well: all just from that one night alone!

Much like the popular ‘pub crawl‘ concept overseas, we have The Party Bus to thank in bringing this VIP experience to us!

We know how Manila has a nightlife that’s worth exploring, and just when we thought we had it all, the Party Bus comes in, adding even more pizzazz to our night out with friends! Needless to say, When in Manila, amp up your weekends by hopping on the Party Bus!

Grab your friends, grab the crazies, grab anyone! EVERYONE! And when you’re IN, get ready for an experience that would make you fall in love more and more with the beauty of the Manila nightlife. PARTY UP!

*Book it quick, book it at the soonest! The Party Bus Manila only has two voyages a month! So hurry!


The Party Bus Manila

Mobile #: 0917 790 7373


When In Manila photos by Aileen A.
Other Photos by The Party Bus Manila
Write-up by ‘I am Aileen’.

The Party Bus Manila: Where You Party in Style Like No Other!


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