The Miley Cyrus Experience: Corazon Gitano Tour Live in Manila



When in Manila, be sure to watch a concert especially one from an international artist. That’s what I did together with my friend, Liz Martin. We joined tweens and teens alike to catch none other than reigning teen queen Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds also called the Miley Cyrus Corazon Gitano Tour. Did you know that the Philippines is actually her only tour stop in Asia? Nice right? As much as we wanted to take high quality photos, single lens reflex cameras were not so we opted to use our high tech phones instead. Technology never fails us. Even if the photos we got were quite not average in quality the experience we had was incomparable. It did not matter that we were situated quite far to the stage, what was important was the overall experience that we add. To add, we were lucky enough to take one good photo of the tickets for her Miley Cyrus’ concert.

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Two of the hottest teen stars in local showbiz today, Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona got the party started and got all the females in the house screaming their hearts out in delight. Actually even though we’re already in our late 20s, Liz and I have to agree that those guys have got it going on. Who doesn’t love a guy who’s got the looks and the talent to boot right? While the opening act was going on, someone came by sprinkling water on to the unsuspecting crowd. That was definitely one way to liven up the party!




We’re not big fans of Miley Cyrus but we enjoyed singing along with her as she sang 7 Things, Party in the USA, Can’t Be Tamed, The Climb and See You Again. We even discovered some new songs we liked from her like Who Owns My Heart, Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Stay. We were impressed that she showed that she can sing more than just bubble gum pop by covering various songs from different artists, of different genres. And with the all out energy she gave at her concert and despite sweating like crazy from the heat, she proved that she is a true blue performer. Let me just mention also that Miley sure has some real sexy legs and a well toned body for her age. Couldn’t help but admire those gams.



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Even though our feet hurt like crazy standing the whole time the concert was going on, we had a blast! It took us a couple of hours to get home given the number of people in the area but it was all worth it. The Miley Cyrus Corazon Gitano Tour was one hell of an experience. When in Manila, let your fangirl/fanboy side out as you watch your favorite artists put on a great show like what Miley Cyrus did.


Special thanks to my fellow contributor Liz Martin for some help on this one.