The Initiative PH’s Project Katipunan

Event Poster Project Katipunan

As the world evolves, the society has its doors fully booked for the sharpest minds and the beauteous faces and it is now yearning for a reservation from the purest souls.

Senior High School students from the De La Salle University have spearheaded a pet project which aimed to help out the people in need; venturing into Taft Avenue’s corners and alleyways. A once small food distribution program became a legitimate organisation that extended its advocacy in Katipunan which is now composed of students from the University of the Philippines, Ateneo De Manila University, and Miriam College. At present, these two clusters, Taft and Katipunan, are now working under the name: The Initiative PH (TIPH).

With the firm belief of perceiving the youth as the prospects of the society, TIPH lets the young minds recognise their invaluable role in the present society and its future through the strengthening of their potentials and capabilities and the imbibing of the principles of initiative and volunteerism.

As the organisation will be marking their 2nd year anniversary this 2019, their mission has becoming more evident and concrete through their projects. Project Taft, one of the initial projects of TIPH, had its goal set to render help to the homeless individuals along Taft. Another project, Project Lumad, gave the Lumad students an opportunity to expand their knowledge through an educational trip. Now, the organisation is set to extend help to the homeless individuals in Katipunan through Project Katipunan—an initiative to start a meal card system.

This meal card system spearheaded by the Project Katipunan expands its boundaries beyond their members through the cooperation of different food establishments, partner companies, and every individual that are willing to take their own action. The project aims to give every individual an opportunity to reach out to the people in need by taking action of reserving meals for the homeless and the street children.

With all of these organisation projects, The Initiative PH does not only confine their actions within their own capabilities, rather, they call every individual for their own initiative to alleviate the people in distress and eventually, create the nation that the Filipino people deserve.

Should you be willing to show your support to The Inititaive PH’s cause, you can contact the organisation through email: and/or mobile numbers: 0939 919 3208 / 0917 318 8389, and look for Ange Encomienda (Chairperson of The Initiative PH) and Bianca Whitaker (External Relations Head of Project Katipunan).