The Greenery Resort: A Relaxing American-Style Resort in Bulacan

When planning for a quick getaway to escape the stresses of the Metro, we usually instantly think of driving down south to Tagaytay or too far up north to Zambales, La Union, or Baguio.

Now, if you want a relaxing escape that’s only an hour and a half up north from Manila, you can check out The Greenery Resort in Bulacan.

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The Greenery has been around since 2006, first as an event space until it grew and grew into the massive resort it is today.

The Greenery Resort is now a casino, resort, event space, and home to three international restaurants!

When we visited The Greenery Resort, we were surprised by how big the resort actually is. It’s like stepping into a different country, especially once you see the many establishments inside it.

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The front office is also where the Verdure Italian Restaurant is located. So, while waiting for your room to be ready, you can enjoy a delicious and hearty Italian meal.

After a great lunch at Verdure Italian Restaurant, we headed to our rooms—correction, villas! When you stay at The Greenery, you’ll enjoy spacious villas that are designed like American-style farmhouses.

As you make your way to the villas, it’s really like walking along a tiny town in America, complete with a mini railroad where a cute train can bring kids (or you) around the property.

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The standard villa was quite spacious, complete with two double beds, a massive bathroom, a powerful air conditioning unit, a table for quick meals, and a TV. If you are a big group, they also have the Grand Villa that can accommodate up to 10 people!

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Because of the 50-hectare estate, The Greenery Resort is also a favorite when it comes to company team buildings. There’s a lot of space for activities, they’ve got a wide variety of rooms, and because of the massive land, it feels like you’ve rented the whole place for yourself.

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When you’re not chilling inside your villa, you’ll surely enjoy walking around this picturesque resort. There’s the IG-worthy Country Red Barn where most events are held. It’s perfect for rustic-style weddings and parties, or for just taking cute photos that will fool your followers into thinking you’re vacationing in America.

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Continue strolling around and you’ll find more of their iconic structures: the Lighthouse and the Floating Gazebo. It’s like walking around a picture-perfect landscape in another country.

If you love romantic walks or just relaxing in the midst of nature, you’ll surely enjoy a day or two in The Greenery.

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There are also two gorgeous swimming pools you can enjoy during your stay. One of the infinity pools even looks like a replica of a river with a view of the Angat River. Be prepared with your camera and your best swimsuits!

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While at The Greenery, you can also go on an international food trip. Visit Verdure for an Italian feast (this is also where you’ll have your breakfast), check out Matsuri for a flavorful Japanese meal, and dine at Fortune Hong Kong Restaurant for a sumptuous feast of Asian flavors.

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You don’t have to travel very far to enjoy a unique staycation complete with picture-perfect views and tons of amenities! For your next weekend escape, check out The Greenery Resort in Baliwag, Bulacan.

The Greenery Resort

80 Rio Vista Subdivision, Sabang, Baliuag, Bulacan

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