The Fishing Dogs of Loboc Are In Danger! Here’s How You Can Save Them

I just found out that there are fishing dogs in Loboc River in Bohol. They would take turns to swim after the boats to dive after the scraps of food thrown by passengers into the water. How cool is that!

But, authorities did not think so. Last month, the local government unit of Loboc issued a shoot-to-kill order for stray dogs to clear the area of ownerless dogs.

What will happen to the fishing dogs of Loboc?

Thankfully, the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) stepped in, proposing a solution to animal abuse, the stray dog population, and the rabies problem that is humane and effective. And this is the mass spaying and neutering of pets.

PPBCC reached out to Loboc’s local officials and they came to an agreement. The organization then reached out to sponsors to help pay for the cost of the anesthesia and other medical supplies that they will need for the outreach mission.

Neutering us the solution. We need your help to make a change for Loboc. You can support this project by becoming a sponsor. Every donation counts!

As of today, however, they are still off by 50 bottles of anesthesia for a successful Kapon-for-all in Loboc.

Philippine Pet Birth Control Center

PPBCC is hoping the readers can also support this mission, for the sake of the fishing dogs of Loboc. We can donate through these options:

PAYPAL: donate@­

Account name: Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation, Inc.
Account number: 9020-1450-13

BPI: 2759083515
BDO: 004590230111

What do you say? Shall we pull together for the fishing dogs of Loboc?

Share your thoughts in the comments and share this story with your friends so we can help raise the funds quickly!

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