The First Trailer for “The Punisher” TV Show is Here and We Can’t Deal!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just released its latest TV show The Defenders, but Marvel is already building hype for its next TV outing, The Punisher, by releasing its first trailer online.

Watch the first trailer for The Punisher below: 

The Punisher, or Frank Castle, is a vigilante who fights crime through murder, kidnapping, extortion, and torture. He made his first appearance in February 1974, when he debuted in  The Amazing Spider-Man #129. He has become so successful that he was ranked 19th in a list of the Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time by Empire magazine.

He will be played by Jon Bernthal in the upcoming series.

The Punisher will stream on Netflix, the same platform that streamed The Defenders, a miniseries that shares continuity with other Marvel shows on Netflix like Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.

The Punisher will be available for streaming sometime this year.

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