Here’s Why You Should Watch “The Fabulous” on Netflix

During our holiday break, I was able to watch one of the most awaited Korean series on Netflix: The Fabulous. In case you still haven’t watched it yet, The Fabulous is a hyper-realistic romance show about the passion and love of youth in the fashion industry. While there have been Korean series about the fashion industry before, this one really stands out for various reasons.

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Why You Should Watch “The Fabulous” on Netflix

It isn’t your typical Korean drama.

When Director Kim Jung-hyun first received the script for The Fabulous, he shares that he noticed one thing: the script really deviated from the typical and conventional shows. “It was simple and edgy,” he explains. “I tend to picture scenes in my head and when I was able to imagine scenes reading off of the script, I had so much fun.”

The characters will inspire you.

The Fabulous centers around four youths who are still novices in their career and take a stab at the fashion industry that they love so much. Choi Min-ho, who plays photographer Ji U-min in the show, shares that their characters literally chase their dreams and goals in the show. “It shows their courage and passion as they go for it even as they face challenges,” Director Kim adds. “They help each other out and push each other, and I think all the global fans will also resonate with this.”

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It centers around a meaningful friendship.

One of the things I personally noticed and absolutely loved about The Fabulous is how each episode always ended with the four friends getting together to either rave or rant about their day. It’s the type of friendship I have always dreamed about. It turns out that this was completely intentional. As Director Kim points out, “As we carry on with our lives, rather than the butterflies in the stomach, we really need true friends when we have a rocky relationship or we have a hard time in our careers. These are moments when having friends who will have your back really matters. There’s the old saying that if you share happiness, it doubles and if you share pain, it is halved. These four friends have their share of hardships in society but they cheer each other up as they encourage each other to chase their dreams.” It’s definitely the kind of friendship everyone should look for and keep in their lives.

Watch the trailer of The Fabulous here:

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