The Divine Feminine: Empowering Women Through Art

Written by Jesus Arturo F. Dalumpines III
Photos by Sofia Alcala

Divine Feminine 41

Don’t you think art is such a powerful tool? It has the capability to ignite a spark in a person’s life. The influence of art can reach not only hundreds but more than a thousand people as it connects our ideas and sentiments from one mind to another through various means.

I mean, really, who doesn’t get hooked into a catchy lyrics only to find out that the chorus is actually the story of your life? Sometimes, you can just come across a certain painting or a photograph not knowingly that it engraves a bliss in your sentiments. One way or another, the art is out there to get your heart.

Deep down to its core, almost all art in its respective discipline contains a powerful message that it seeks to convey to its beholder. With the current buzz and issues that arises in our time, there is no better way to communicate ideas through the means of human creativity and craftiness. With the Divine Feminine, it aims to unite the people back into oneness by unshackling the power of feminine within us.

Divine Feminine 42

The exhibit is curated by Teresa Herrera-Anthony and Kana Maglapus. The duo came up with the concept about a year ago. It showcases six astounding Filipino women and two American artists conforming into the theme with their chosen discipline.

Divine Feminine 44

Divine Feminine 24

Divine Feminine 8

Nikki Luna has crafted the idea through the means of installation while Yvonne Quisumbing expressed the symbolisms on oil-on-canvas. Kassia Meador blended the concept of Divine Feminine with the modern surf movements.

Divine Feminine 46Racquel de Loyola incorporated the theme with the use of soft-sculptures.

Divine Feminine 16Kiri Lluch Dalena made her statement clear on a funeral marble slab.

Divine Feminine 31With her hair embroidery, Lara de los Reyes aligned the Divine Feminine with the concept of motherhood.

Divine Feminine 11Brandy Eve Allen’s Gestures depicts the different aspects and themes of feminine.

Divine Feminine 39Using textile as a medium, Olivia d’Aboville inspiration stems from the imbalance present in the world today.

Personally, my perspective on such matters widened all thanks to this exhibit! It was an experience gained since the message of empowering the women here in the Philippines is timely and relevant. For the past 10 years, a lot changes of has happened, especially in our art culture and society. Advocacies are tapping into channels of art to form its message.

The way I see it, this is just the beginning; an initial bold step towards a better humanity that is based on understanding amidst the atmosphere full of difference and diversity. Like what the exhibit wants to say–to be rekindled in oneness. In this case, through the innate femininity in ourselves!

Check out the exhibit at 2F Shangri-La at the Fort. It will run from February 2 until February 19.

For reservations and inquiries, you can email or contact +63 917 825 2041.
More information can be also found at


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