The big reveal: the new Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford!

We’ve all heard that Marlou Arizala is undergoing cosmetic surgery. This has been going around online for quite some time now, but most of us are curious at how he looked like now.

Moreover, there has also been stories saying that he’s changing his name from Marlou to Xander Ford.

For those who aren’t familiar with Marlou/Xander Ford, here’s a photo of him prior to the surgery.

old marlou arizala

Photo from: Twitter

A big reveal of the former Hash5 member was done on ABS-CBN’s magazine show, Rated K.

Here are some photos from the screening of the show.

new marlou arizala 5 new marlou arizala 3 new marlou arizala 2 new marlou arizala 4

Photo from: Rated K

What do you think of the new Marlou aka Xander Ford?