The Appraisery: Buy, Sell and Eat!

When in Manila and looking for the best possible deals on the trendiest clothing and great food in town, head to the Appraisery flagship store in San Juan.

 Appraisery Storefront

 Appraisery Storefront 2

 Appraisery Selling Dr. Martens

Getting Rid of Old Stuff a Breeze

While a lot of us Filipinos are used to giving away our old clothes or donating them to people in need, there are others who choose to sell pre-loved items online. The problem with selling online, however, is that pictures have to be posted along with the ad, and there’s no guarantee that the items will sell soon enough.

Appraisery Appraisal Stage

Appraisery Stylist Hannah

The people at The Appraisery offer a different alternative to help you take care of your unwanted stuff. Just bring your old items (clothes, shoes and even bags are accepted!) to the store, and have them appraised and carefully scrutinized by their in-house appraisers and experienced fashion stylists. You get to choose whether to take the cash they offer (strictly 30% of the item’s value) outright or take 50% of the item’s value as store credit.


 Appraisery Rack of Short Sleeved Clothes

Appraisery Rack of Long Sleeved Clothes for Women

Appraisery Rack of Jeans

Appraisery Long Sleeved Clothes for Men

Bear in mind, though, that you will need to make sure that the clothes you bring are in good condition. The Appraisery has a keen eye when it comes to clothing and old stuff, so don’t bring stained items or clothes that are in dire need of repair unless you want them donated straight to The Appraisery’s charity of choice, Caritas Manila!

Appraisery and Caritas Manila

Siblings Victor and Bella Prieto receiving gifts from Caritas Manila representatives during The Appraisery’s event on Nov 10th




Hip and Banging!

The Appraisery also has a quaint cafe that offers a wide selection of good eats!

Appraisery Cafe

Appraisery Cafe Menu

Check out some of them below:




The Appraisery Oregon Tuna Panini

Oregon Tuna Melt (Php 180)
Seasoned albacore tuna, mozarella cheese, pickles and mustard snuggled between two slices of ciabatta.




Appraisery Ethel Merioles Oregon Tuna Panini

My face says it all! 




The Appraisery Hamocado

Hamocado (Php 140)
Slices of spiced ham, onions, avocado and white bread




Appraisery Kumbaya

An Appraisery original, the drink contains nuts, caramel, marshmallows and crushed graham crackers.




 Appraisery Green Tea Matcha Frappe

Green Tea Matcha Frappe (Php 125)
A delicious conconction free of that bitter after-taste, The Appraisery’s Green Tea Matcha Frappe is arguably better-tasting than the ones from other coffee shops.




When in Manila and suddenly need a way to pay for your bills or dress up for an unforgettable night out with your friends, exchange your stuff for some money or trendier clothing while filling your tummy. Catch chatty co-owner Victor Prieto and the rest of the gang at The Appraisery, the lifestyle hub with the Central Perk vibe.

The Appraisery




#8 Annapolis St. Green Hills San Juan, Metro Manila



Phone: (632) 661-6154

Mobile: 0917.123.123.12




Facebook Page:






The Appraisery: Buy, Sell and Eat!


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