The 9th Annual JPIA Convention is Coming your Way!

JPIA Convention 2017 event poster

Saddle up buckaroos and ride on over as the most awaited event of LPU-Manila JPIA highlighting the JPIAn spirit will kick off this 9th to 11th of November 2017- the 9th Annual JPIA Convention!

               To be held at the Chateau Royale, residing in the renowned mountains of Nasugbu, Batangas, expect for jampacked activities in store for all the members! Naming a few of the activities in line, the JPIA Executive Officers spill you the following surprises: Team Building, Cheerfest competition, Mr. and Ms.  Convention, and Jam Night with Bonfire!  Through the years, the LPU Manila Chapter of JPIA has been organizing both academic and non-academic events to give its members a 360-degree experience of their college lives. An activity like the convention is one that calls for a celebration of solidarity, promotes camaraderie in terms of communication and leadership among its members, and values self-discovery for further betterment. Thus, this should not be really missed out by anyone.

The 9th Annual JPIA Convention with the theme, “Excelsior: Greatness and Nothing Less” is in partnership with Paguio, Dumayas & Associates, CPAs, Villaruz, Villaruz & Co., CPAs and Reyes Tacandong & Co., CPAs. and co-presented by Nissin Cup Noodles, Nissin Ramen, Mang Juan, and Hawkbag. The event is also made possible through the support of LPU-Manila’s Official Year-long Professional Organization Affiliates; CFA Society of the Philippines, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Philippines Chapter, Insights Financial Review Services, Inc. and Institute of Internal Auditor Philippines, Inc. and Corporate Partners; Careline Cosmetics and Happi, through PSRC Inc. and its Media Partners; and