The 25th Annual Biosciences Quiz Bee

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The UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society proudly presents the 25th Annual Biosciences Quiz Bee. Now on its silver anniversary, the Biosciences Quiz Bee is a national-level competition for high school students that tests their knowledge and skills in six fields of science: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, earth science, and of course, molecular biology and biotechnology.

As we mark a huge milestone for the Biosciences Quiz Bee, expect some great things in store this year—including a continuation of the challenging practical semi-final round introduced last year, which tests the participants’ practical skills in solving scientific problems; expect some tough questions that will be fulfilling to figure out.

Aside from an avenue for fostering academic excellence among Filipino students, the Biosciences Quiz Bee also aims to pique their curiosity for the world of science. We’ve prepared a special interactive workshop on forensics that will give participants a taste of how we apply molecular biology in the real world. There will also be laboratory tours that will let students see where and how we do science firsthand.

Get ready for a bigger and better Biosci on October 13, 2018 at the NISMED Auditorium in UP Diliman; Save the date!