The 20 cutest PBA players that will make you want to shoot your shot

It’s the Governor’s Cup and there’s a whole lot of ball to be played! We’re definitely excited for what this conference has in store for us but what we’re more excited about are the scene-stealing cute players! Basketball is already exciting–what more with eye candy out on the court?

So you can feel kilig while cheering on your favorite teams, check out these cuties you’d love to get a close-up of during the games! You’ll find yourself hoping they get some free throw shots in just so the camera can pan a little bit closer to them. 😉

Soooo, in no particular order:

20. Justin Melton

The Hotshots only burn hotter with their Fil-Am guard Justin Melton.

Don’t be fooled by his 5’11 stature, this guard flies high. Aptly nicknamed “The Flying Minion,” when he drives towards the basket, you better expect him to float. He’s also a dunker, winning the 2014 Slam Dunk contest with co-champion Rey Guevarra.

19. Eugene Phelps

The Los-Angeles-native-turned-Phoenix-import stands proud at the head of the Fuelmasters pack–all with his Gucci headband of course.

If tattoos are your thing, this guy is at no shortage. You can ask him every story of his plentiful tattoos while peacefully basking in his glory. Why glory, you ask? He averages 35 points per game–no easy feat for competitive, professional basketball. And you have to admit, he’s so easy on the eyes that cheering for him just has an extra rush.

18. Rey Guevarra

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Watch out–this man is all skies when he flies towards the hoop. He’s not considered a dunk king for nothing!

A five-time slam dunk king, it’s hard not to get excited when you see him driving towards the basket. Your fingers are crossed and you scream in time with the crowd for that Fafa Rey dunk! It’s thrilling and awesome and everything that basketball should feel like.

17. Aljon Mariano

This UST growling Tiger now dons a Ginebra jersey–and with pride. Just like in the photo above, he’s a relentless player, always ready to up his game.

He’s been through really tough times but his resilience only shines brighter because of it. He’s a guy that rises up from all the criticism and plays honest basketball, doesn’t kid around about it. Mariano’s tiger-hearted through and through and we love him all the more for it!

16. Diego Dario

The former Maroon saw glory as a senior with UP’s gallant, heart-wrenching efforts for the crown last season and now he suits up for the Blackwater Elite–elite indeed, as if it were fated.

There’s no crowd like the UP crowd and this guy knows it. His smile is absolutely swoon-worthy and coupled with his humble demeanor and drive to work hard and do the small things just to improve, you just know we have a heartthrob on the Blackwater Elite.

15. Jonathan Grey

I’m sure he’s had his fair share of “Mr. Grey will see you now” jokes but it’s all smiles for North Port guard.

The Benildean is more than just a charming face, of course! He’s a shooter at heart–shooting straight for yours, that is! He’s made crucial shots (like that insane three-point winner when he was still in Globalport) so you can definitely count on him for anything and everything.

14. Nico Salva

This former Blue Eagle has been stealing hearts since he was flying high for the Ateneo de Manila University. Nothing’s changed, really, except that he’s only gotten better and he’s wearing different colors!

Okay, we have to admit that a lot of Ateneo fans were in it for the good-looking guys. And Nico Salva was definitely high on that list. Now a member of the Meralco Bolts–and with a new hairdo–he’s still playing the same strong basketball he played in college, the kind that makes those cheering for him just sigh with appreciation.

13. Chris Newsome

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The Orange Ranger⚡️

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Another Bolt and former Blue Eagle (check out his IG of him wishing Team Ateneo good luck and calling it “the alma mater”–too cute!), Chris Newsome has proven that not only does he look good in orange, but he also just looks really good period.

This kid is fierce on the court, being named Rookie of the Year in 2016 and coming close to winning the Slam Dunk competition (only to bow to an earlier entry, Rey Guevarra). He’s reliable, one of the key players–he’s as explosive with the ball as he is handsome. There’s a reason his last name rhymes with awesome (that was a reach, but he’s cute, ok!).

12. Michael Miranda

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Mike Miranda’s jersey number may be number 2 but we know he’s number 1 in many fans’ hearts.

A man made of pure potential, Miranda is someone you can call off the bench and feel relaxed as he sinks those crucial shots. There’s a fire to him that isn’t synonymous to those of superstars already burning, but of one just about to burst and reach its peak potential. We can’t wait to keep watching him spark on the court.

11. Gabe Norwood

This North Carolina native has been showing off his skills on the court for about a decade now and all of us PBA fans are beyond grateful for the 2008 Rookie of the Year.

If you’re into facial hair, this Fil-Am is a great bet. He’s cute, talented, and he’s got so many accolades under his belt that you won’t be able to stop complimenting him for each and every accomplishment he’s made. It’s hard to ignore a player who made his mark on the court with over 400 games played–it’s like he’s after your heart!

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