Teens on Love: Get to Know GMA’s Lindsay de Vera and Dave Bornea

Article by Camille Dominique Javier and Christian Chagas / Photos by Hannah Furigay and Zachary Garcia

GMA’s Alyas Robin Hood young love team Lindsay de Vera and Dave Bornea enjoyed an August staycation at Selah Garden Hotel in Pasay City. The love team’s day was filled with Filipino tongue twisters, jokes, and languages: all in the spirit of Buwan ng Wika by the pool side!

Lindsay de Vera is a half-British and half-Filipino gal who loves to sing and to act. Despite initially struggling to grasp the Filipino language as she was growing up, Lindsay immersed herself in Filipino culture to build her acting career with GMA. 

#DaveLin’s other half, Dave Bornea, is an energetic, funny and free-spirited mama’s boy from the city of Cebu. Don’t let his dashing bad boy looks deceive you, though, because this multi-talented young celebrity not only enjoys acting and dancing, but knows how to treat and respect a lady. Dave grew up very close to his mom who taught him to always treat women just like his mom–with respect.  

We got to hang out and chat with this adorable love team to get to know their thoughts on love.

What is your definition of love?

Lindsay: I think love is like going on a vacation. When you’re on your way to that vacation, you’re excited. That’s the start – you’re excited about it. While you’re at the place, you’ll enjoy everything about it. There are times when you’d get in trouble when you’re on vacation. For example is when you’ll worry about the pocket money to spend. Sometimes you’d be scared, feeling you’ll get lost. I think all these feelings, positive and negative, are feelings that you feel when you are in love with someone.

Dave:Love is universal. Nowadays, I see love in different forms beyond man and woman. I guess it really shows that falling in love with anyone is possible.

Tell us about the first time you fell in love. 

Lindsay:  It would definitely be when I was younger; you could never love something outside of yourself unless you love something within yourself and within your surroundings first. Because of my family, it was the first time I felt love (and began) longing for something.

Dave: My mom first showed me what love is—Aaminin ko, I’m a mama’s boy. She was there for me when I was young up until this day–that’s what real love is. My mom continues to teach me how to love; she always gives me (love) advice.

What do you love most about each other?

Lindsay:  May mga times na nalulungkot ako and Dave knows how to make me smile no matter what. Gagawa siya ng kung anu-anong jokes, corny man or baduy, na nagpapangiti and nagpapatawa sa akin. Dave is also very thoughtful of me and how I feel, which is very rare nowadays.”   

Dave: There’s a lot of things I love about Lindsay. She’s a very smart girl. She tends to say things and give advice as if she were older than she really is. Lindsay has become my support system even back when we were just friends at the GMA workshops. When I began to feel hopeless because I hadn’t been given projects, Lindsay kept encouraging me and telling me to believe in myself–who knew that the first project I’d be given was with her?

Describe when you guys first met. Was it awkward? Was it not?

Lindsay: Everyone goes through that stage of awkwardness, kasi di mo alam first impression ng tao sa’yo. Pero kami ni Dave, we met through workshops, and workshops are very deep-founded so you’ll really know a person. Masaya ako kasi doon ko siya nakilala, kasi yung level ng friendship namin agad in 2 months of knowing each other – it was a deep friendship because we know a lot about each other including our past, dreams, so it was awkward yet comfortable.

Dave: Back when we were attending workshops, I thought Lindsay was a quiet girl because she was always in the corner or by herself but when I actually got to talk to her, she was pretty fun to talk to about anything.

So did you guys have first impressions of each other?

Lindsay:  I thought that he was a happy-go-lucky guy, kasi he’s so bubbly palaging siyang ngumingiti, palagi siyang tumatawa. He’s like a bright light, kasi wherever he goes he’s just smiling and maingay, pero hindi sa way na nakakairita also. It was like a comforting kind of noise na maririnig mo, not literally pero iyon ‘yung dating niya sa akin.

Dave: She [Lindsay] was quiet or shy.

What is something you LOVE doing in your spare time?

Lindsay: My sports include soccer, golf, and swimming. I love being active and playing. Other than sports, I love baking with my family. I bake my family brownies and cakes in my spare time. Also, I like painting. Mahilig ako sa arts and crafts, dati pa talaga ever since I was young. I even make my family personalized birthday cards.

Dave: I love dancing. In my free time, I try to join the Rockwell dance troupe for class or in the studio just for fun.

What do you love most about acting?

Lindsay: The feeling that I’m free when I do it. I’m free to let any emotion out. In real life, it’s hard to let all of your emotions out. Kahit nasa sarili mong bahay, parang mahirap pa rin ilabas lahat ng nararamdaman mo. You’d have to lock yourself at some place you feel absolutely safe to let all your feelings out.

Dave: I love it those moments in between the “action!” and “cut!” wherein you see how well you did the scene. Bonus pa if the director, producer and staff are amazed too, yung tipong sinasabi nila: “Wow ang galing! Ang ganda!”—ang sarap talaga ng feeling.

Complete the question: “I love ______.”

Lindsay: I love myself. Because you could never love something unless you love yourself first, you have to treat yourself right before you could treat anyone else right. You have to love yourself before you could love others.

Dave: I love my mom. She taught me how to make decisions for myself and what it really means to love. She gives the best advice and is always there for me, even if it means calling me every night from our home in Cebu.

Lindsay and Dave’s sweet little stay-cation was an apt opportunity for the young stars to relax from the humdrum of showbiz life and learn more about each other through their own language roots. The love team gave us a taste of what love and passion means to them–why they keep doing what they do and how they became the kilig #DaveLin we have come to love.

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