Tastesetters Webinar Series: Taking Food Production to The Next Level in the New Normal

Tastesetters continues its stride of providing timely and useful information for players in the food service industry with the staging of its webinar series dubbed “TasteSetters: Age of the New Norms.”  In the earlier episodes, the online community of food enthusiasts, experts and entrepreneurs were given a glimpse of how the food industry has been dealing with the impact of the crisis on their businesses, and how sheer determination and hard work has allowed them to continuously follow their culinary passions while earning a living at the same time.

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The third episode boasts of another line-up of experienced and well-informed panel. Firstly, Ms. Coney Ladores, the Quality Assurance Supervisor of SYSU International, Inc. Ladores serves as lead in the company’s food safety and quality assurance initiatives, and serves as the key resource in GMP, HACCP, Food Safety, Food Defense and Food Fraud.  


For the webinar, Ladores will talk about the emerging new protocols in food manufacturing in the so-called New Normal. She shares, “My segment will focus on how manufacturing industries cope with COVID-19 by setting up preventive controls and being updated with government mandates.” 


Joining Ladores are Chef Johan Movido and Chef Tenten Casasola, who both serve as corporate chefs for well-known food manufacturing and distribution company, McCormick Philippines Inc. Chef Johan will discuss the latest flavour trends that are emerging in food products; while Chef Tenten will clue in the viewers on what’s the “in” thing when it comes to flavours and how these can be translated into large scale production. 


As Innovations Manager for McCormick, Chef Johan is exposed into an array of flavours made possible by McCormick Philippines Inc. In his talk, Chef Johan will talk about the emerging food trends during the time of the pandemic. “The new normal has called upon us to upgrade our SOPs which, prior to the pandemic, are already considered the best practices in the industry. There are sudden shifts in the food trends when the pandemic hit and we will discover how we can best maximize this to our advantage,” he shares. 


Joining Chef Johan also from McCormick is Chef Tenten, who also serves as an Innovations Manager/ Culinary Team Manager for the food brand. With 12 years of experience in the food industry, being on the lookout for “what’s hot and what’s in” in the food industry came naturally for Chef Tenten. For her segment, she will discuss the changes that have happened when it comes to food trends, and how the industry has adapted to keep their business. Chef Tenten shares, “My goal is to push for more awareness on what’s happening in the food industry now, and give the viewers a glimpse of what they can expect for the coming months on how these changes have affected the food scene.”


Finally, rounding up the line-up of speakers is the Culinary Solutions Manager of SYSU International, Inc., Chef Avery Manaloto, who will share with the audience a selection of multi-function ingredients which will allow food industry players to save on cost and inventories. As chef consultant to SySu, Chef Avery had the distinction of advising key clients and industry players on the best ingredients and food products that the brand has to offer. As the New Normal continues to take its toll in the industry, Chef Avery will offer tips and insights on new dishes and techniques that can prove useful to home cooks and restaurateurs. “I hope that they will get inspired with what the guests chefs will share, and that they will learn more on how they can best deal with the pandemic,” he said. 

The third episode entitled Tastesetters: The Age of New Norms for F&B Commissaries and Manufacturing Businesses is scheduled to air through the TasteSetters’ Facebook page on August 21, 2020. To know more about the Tastesetter webinar series, go to  https://www.facebook.com/TasteSetters.