Tarsier Botanika: Defining Luxury in Nature in Panglao

Tarsier Botanika

The sprawling 8-hectare property of the newest luxury resort in the beautiful island of Panglao was borne out of a genuine love for nature and the environment. Initially a lush botanical garden with an in-house cafe, Tarsier Botanika was once a place where you could dine and enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean and go on your way to enjoy the other attractions Bohol has to offer.

However, due to the growing demand for an extended experience of the unique place, the owners upgraded the property into a private sanctuary where you can escape to a refreshing retreat.

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Tarsier Botanika           Tarsier Botanika

Prepare to walk on idyllic paths weeding through lush greenery with over 2000 species of flora painting your sight and tickling your senses. Make your way to your chosen abode and embrace the intimacy of your experience as each villa is strategically positioned to give you a very exclusive escape.

Nestled in their own private gardens, each of the 12 villas are intricately designed to imitate traditional Ifugao tribal homes, characterized by high ceilings, signature slanted walls, and native elements. With a spacious living area and pristine en-suite bathrooms, indulge in these sensuous design features that welcome you after a tiresome day.

Tarsier Botanika Tarsier Botanika

Their very luxurious pool villas are even more exquisite with their impressive landscaping where guests can enjoy cascading water features that set them apart and make them worth visiting.

Tarsier Botanika

Tarsier Botanika  Tarsier Botanika  Tarsier Botanika

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