Tao Rin Pala 47: Voices

Since its conception as a chorale competition, Tao Rin Pala has served as an avenue for medical students to freely express their convictions during an era of censorship and oppression. Nearly five decades have passed and it has since evolved into an extravagant variety show that continues to allow doctors and students alike to express their thoughts and sentiments, all while showcasing their talents and love for the arts through unique performances that present the creative and human side of doctors, hence the event’s name.

TRP 47 Poster

However, due to the situation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, TRP 47 will be held online — a first in its history. 


This year, TRP will be taking a brief departure from its usual format, tracing back to its roots by delving into numerous relevant and relatable discussions as told through the perspectives of our fellow medical students through various podcasts. Episodes will be posted on the official Tao Rin Pala Facebook and Twitter pages starting October 13, 2020.


As we keep with the times and embrace challenges to preserve the essence of Tao Rin Pala, we embark on this exciting new endeavor on an avenue that continues to evolve and allow medical students to be heard and understood.


The UP Medical Students’ Society presents… Tao Rin Pala 47: VOICES.


For more information and updates, you may visit: https://www.facebook.com/TaoRinPala