Take a Look Inside Nando, an Afro-American Barbershop in Makati

Words by Joseph Cesar
Photos by Blew David

Describing a modern barbershop is only getting more and more difficult over the course of the years as it continues to evolve. Once in a while, people add unique elements to their barbershop to set it apart from others. Some can be as simple as selling vinyl records and books, while some can be as extravagant as having a hidden bar inside!

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop Philippines

Now you might be thinking, “… everything’s been done, there can’t POSSIBLY be another barbershop gimmick??” Well, you aren’t wrong—but what Nando Barbershop offers is so much more than just a gimmick. According to its founders, it is the very first barbershop that specializes in styling Afro-American hair!

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop PhilippinesFernando Center, Brigette  Back-Center

After more than 10 years living in the Philippines, Brigette and Fernando found themselves frustrated with the expensive haircuts that they got. Their naturally curly hair proved to be too difficult for local Filipino barbers to style successfully. Hence, the birth of Nando Barbershop—the first Afro-American barbershop in the Philippines!

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop Philippines

Being an African, Fernando understood the complexities that came with cutting curly hair. Making sure he’d hire barbers who knew how to deal with such complexities, he flew his barbers all the way from his homeland…Africa! Now, you might be thinking, “Well I don’t have curly hair…does that mean I can’t go there?” Of course not! Rest easy because while they specialize in styling curly hair, they do not neglect the local crowd as they also have very capable Filipino barbers!

Almost immediately upon entering, they generously offered me a complimentary drink (iced tea, water, coffee, etc.) while waiting my turn. Kuya Elvis then ushered me to my seat as I showed him an image of the haircut I wanted to achieve.

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop Philippines

Equipped with the proper tools, he gave me one of the best haircuts (Php250) I’ve had in a very long time. The haircut also came with the head wash and a relaxing massage to top it all off! I was also able to enjoy their Foot Spa (Php350) and Manicure (Php200). Being a first-timer, I entered with some doubts but left satisfied, to say the least.

I was also able to ask Fernando some questions, specifically about what pushed him to pursue this business. His reason was simple—he had trouble finding a good barber to cut his hair and realized that he wasn’t alone. Starting Nando Barbershop gave those with similar problems an avenue to get the haircuts that they need and deserve without having to break the bank. Having their business hinged upon having African barbers, I asked him if at any point, he found it to be too difficult, and he said, “If you have the right people, you can do it.”

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop Philippines

Be there at the right time and you might find your favorite athletes getting their signature haircut. Basketball players, football players, and others have been repeatedly sighted.

Nando Barbershop will also soon be opening a branch in Quezon City, and Paris.

Nando Barbershop Afro-American Barbershop Philippines

Nando Barbershop

Facebook: @Nandobarbershopinc
Website: www.nandobarbershop.com
Contact no.: 0945-4938816


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