Is The Taipei Fun Pass Worth It? Here’s Our Verdict!

Planning a trip to Taiwan? If you love to DIY your travels and enjoy sightseeing and journeying around a new city at your own pace and itinerary, we’ve got a Taiwan travel hack for you.

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The Taipei Fun Pass, which is readily available on Klook, just might be the only card you’ll need for your Taiwan itinerary.

What is the Taipei Fun Pass?

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The Taipei Fun Pass is an all-in-one card that provides unlimited MRT and bus rides, free access to up to 25 tourist attractions in Taipei, as well as discounts, gifts, and unique experiences!

This fun pass offers access for 1 to 3 days, so you can choose which one would be a better fit for your Taipei trip.

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So, with just the Taipei Fun Pass, you can go on as many MRT rides in Taipei as you can, ensuring that you get to see the most of the city. The fun pass acts just like Taiwan’s EasyCard which you just tap onto the MRT gates and bus sensors as you get in and get out. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about how much value you still have on the card.

What’s included in the Taipei Fun Pass?

Aside from the unlimited MRT and unlimited city bus rides, you can also enjoy unlimited rides on the Taiwan Tourist Shuttles if you want to go on a scenic road trip outside the city. These tourist shuttles can take you to Shifen Old Street to fly paper lanterns, to Beitou District for hot springs, and to Jiufen Old Street to see the small town said to have inspired Spirited Away. These are just a few of the fun places you can visit outside of Taipei!

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The Taipei Fun Pass also offers free access to many famous tourist attractions in the city. Some of these attractions include the Taipei 101 Observatory, the Maokong Gondola, the National Palace Museum, the Taipei Zoo, the Yehliu Geopark, the Miramar Entertainment Park Ferris Wheel, the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, and the Miniature Museum—these are just a few out of the 25 attractions you can visit.

The pass also includes discounts to many shops in Taipei, as well as vouchers for free treats! It’s perfect for shopping for pasalubong, too.

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Aside from the famous attractions and gifts from shops, the Taipei Fun Pass also lets you choose one out of four unique cultural experiences: the sky lantern experience in Pingxi, DIY tea bags in Maokong, the secret tunnel experience and drinks at the Grand Hotel, and a fun make-your-own bubble tea experience.

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We chose to do the sky lantern experience in Pingxi for our Taiwan trip, and it was such an ethereal experience, especially since we also got to see the famous Shifen Old Street. Thanks to the Taipei Fun Pass, all we had to do was have our card scanned by the Happy Lantern shop in Shifen St. and we got our lantern ready for wishes and for flying.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to go to Shifen Old Street using the Taipei Fun Pass (with free transportation!):

  1. Go to the Muzha MRT Station via MRT. It’s about 45-50 minutes away from Ximen Station.
  2. Look for the Muzha Bus Station just a few minutes away from the Muzha MRT Station. Note that the bus station for Shifen Old Street is across the 7-Eleven, not the one beside it. (PS. The bus only arrives every hour, so be sure to plan your travel time accordingly, or else you’ll have to wait for the next one!)
  3. Ride the 795 Bus. This is one of the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Buses that are included in the Taipei Fun Pass. The bus ride is also almost an hour long.
  4. Get off the bus at the Shifenliao Bridge.
  5. Walk for 2 minutes up to Shifen Old Street.

How much is the Taipei Fun Pass?

The Taipei Fun Pass is available on Klook starting at PHP 2,596 for a 1 Day pass. The 3-day pass, which is the longest pass you can get, is available for PHP 3,921 on Klook.

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So, is the Taipei Fun Pass worth it?

With the Taipei Fun Pass, you can actually save up to 70% of what you’d normally pay for all the inclusions of the pass!

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If you want to maximize seeing Taipei as much as possible, and you want to check out as many tourist attractions as you can, then yes, I personally think that getting a Taipei Fun Pass is worth it. Even if you’re just checking out a few of the tourist attractions, you’re still saving so much time when you don’t have to reload your transportation cards every now and then.

So, make your DIY Taipei trip a lot more convenient by remembering to get a Taipei Fun Pass from Klook.

Get your Taipei Fun Pass from Klook here!

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