T.G.I. Friday’s Celebrates a Fiery and Fun Friday the 13th!

When in Manila, it has been T.G.I. Friday’s long standing tradition to make everyone’s Friday the 13th heaps better. With a round of fun activities, flairtending entertainment, free cocktails and bottomless mojitos, T.G.I. Friday’s has got it made for a fun night!



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Inside T.G.I. Friday’s at Bonifacio Highstreet



T.G.I. Friday’s Whips Up an Awesome Friday Night Party


T.G.I. Friday’s is on everyone’s list when it comes to having a great time. With mouthwatering dishes in huge portions and perfectly blended cocktails, T.G.I. Friday’s is the ideal place to let loose and de-stress after a hectic work week with your friends! My friends and I were invited to T.G.I. Friday’s at Bonifacio Highstreet to experience just what goes down at Friday’s on Friday the 13th. While T.G.I. Friday’s is famous for making everyday feel like a Friday, I gotta say, they’ve gone extra lengths to make Friday the 13th even more awesome! All T.G.I. Friday’s branches actually hold a similar event in one night!



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Super spicy Buffalo bites! Believe me, I tried it.


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Fiery Buffalo Bites Eating Contest!



T.G.I. Friday’s Fiery Buffalo Bites Eating Contest


Kicking off the festivities was a Fiery Buffalo Bites Eating Contest, featuring T.G.I. Friday’s Buffalo bites made super spicy with extra chili pepper paste. Three brave men rose up to the challenge, but only one managed to eat his way through the spicy buffalo bites in only a little over a minute! It was definitely worth enduring the fiery heat, as the prize up for grabs was their entire meal on the house!



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These bartenders move so fast our camera couldn’t keep up!






T.G.I. Friday’s is well-known for their super fun bartenders, who are very handy with their liquor bottles! They gave us quite a show, tossing bottles and showing off their flairtending skills while putting together free cocktails. Some even managed to juggle 3, 4, and 5 bottles all at the same time! How’s that for bad ass? Guests who came in black got cocktails on the house!

Now, onto our dinner! We got to try a selection of  T.G.I. Friday’s best-sellers and signature dishes, and it totally made for the perfect Friday night feast!



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Bottomless Mojitos! (Php 305.00)



Our feast began with… Bottomless Mojitos of course! What better way to start the night? You can get your fill of bottomless Friday’s Strawberry, Big Apple or Classic Mojito from 4pm onwards. The Strawberry Mojito was our favorite; sweet and refreshing, perfect to wash down the palette! You can also take your pick from T.G.I. Friday’s array of Legendary Cocktails; can’t wait to try out their Ultimate Mudslide next time!



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Just half of our Friday feast!


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T.G.I. Friday’s Buffalo Wings (6 pices – Php295.00, 12 pieces – 485.00)



For our starters we had Friday’s Buffalo Wings; traditional upstate New Yourk-style chicken wings marinated in T.G.I. Friday’s spicy sauce, the deep fried and served with celery sticks and tangy Bleu cheese dressing. Our server for the night, JR, even gave us a little show of shaking the Buffalo wings to coat them with flavoring!



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Shanghai Chicken Salad (Php 455.00)



We also had T.G.I. Friday’s Shanghai Chicken Salad; chilled fire-grilled citrus chicken breast served over crisp Romaine lettuce, tossed with fresh low-fat Cilantro-Lime dressing, Mandarin oranges and diced tomatoes. This one was the right mix of sweet and savory; orange and chicken just taste so good together! It was packed with generous helpings of chicken, oranges and tomatoes, practically a filling meal on its own!



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Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta (regular: Php 415.00, to share: Php 595.00)  



Next up was the spicy and Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta: fettuccine pasta ribbons smothered in our creamy spicy Alfredo sauce, and topped with juicy chicken and shrimp that have been sautéed with red bell peppers in our special Cajun butter, and finished off with Parmesan cheese. This pasta dish is pleasantly spicy, just enough to give your taste buds a kick and emphasize the creamy flavor. It’s chock full of shrimp and chicken as well!



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Jack Daniel’s Chicken & Shrimp (Php 565.00)


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Jack Daniel’s Salmon (Php 785.00)



T.G.I. Friday’s takes pride in their Jack Daniel’s selection. They offer an array of your favorite meaty dishes and make it even tastier with a liberal splash of their special Jack Daniel’s sauce. We had their Jack Daniel’s Salmon; North Atlantic Salmon filet chargrilled and blasted with that super yummy Jack Daniel’s sauce, with a side of veggies and cheddar cheese mashed potatoes.  The Jack Daniel’s sauce was just amazing; it sweet and rich, with a strong flavor that went well with the variety of meats we had. We were also served T.G.I. Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Chicken & Shrimp; juicy fire-grilled chicken breast drizzled with Friday’s Jack Daniel’s sauce along with crispy Cajun-spiced fried shrimp with the same dipping sauce. So good! This has always been my favorite dish at T.G.I. Friday’s.



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Friday’s Baby Back Ribs (Half Rack – Php 615.00, Full Rack – Php 995.00)



A meal at Friday’s isn’t complete without having their famous Baby Back Ribs! T.G.I. Friday’s rack of pork ribs are expertly cooked to ensure that they’re so tender they fall off the bone. And that they did! These ribs are so soft and tender they easily slid off the bone with my fork, no cutting needed. The racks are then fire grilled and slathered with a glaze of  T.G.I. Friday’s tangy barbecue sauce.



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Mocha Mud Pie (Php 285.00)


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Oreo Madness (one-piece Php 205.00, two-piece Php 345.00)



Whew! That was a lot of food to go through, but the eating isn’t over yet! For dessert, my friends and I dug into the Mocha Mud Pie; rich chocolate-almond mousse and coffee ice cream frozen in a chocolate crumb crust, and topped with hot fudge and toasted almond slices. My friends and I couldn’t stop raving about it until we finished it! We also got to try a close contender, Friday’s Oreo Madness; giant Oreo cookies sandwiched around vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate and caramel sauce. This is how dessert should be! Large servings and sugary sweetness!



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I had a blast with my friends at T.G.I. Friday’s!



insanely great food and drinks, impeccable service and hours of entertainment, it’s no wonder Friday’s has become the place to go for a raring good time, be it a Friday, or any day of the week! I would personally like to thank Mitzi for being our host that evening, and all our wonderful servers for being so nice and accommodating! I can’t wait to go back!



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With The Bistro Group Marketing Director, Ms. Mitzi Navarro and Director for Operations, Mr. Jay Balancio.


T.G.I. Friday’s


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